Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

That theadultererßnnethgrieumts fly agaikfihis neighbor, t $g perfonsliuing in this finne arenot only theeucsofgoods,but man- (lealers and thecues of the body andperfon ; which is ofmuch greater value. Thirdly and laflly,the adulterer in a peculiar manner fin- §.Sec .7, meth again(l his owne family, both by vttcr negled1irg ofit, sae d 'e all his thoughts,endeuours,and imploynrents,beingwholly ®war fzrrrf taken vp byhis harlot; fo as he bath neither lcifurenor plea - fure,cither to fpend his time in thehonefl woikes ofhis cal - ling,whereby he maymaintains his chargc,or with any wife prouidence difpofeof that which he alreadyhath ; whereby he runncth into wilfull beggery, not caring which endgo= eth forward, and maketh all his family to partake ofthe fruit of his finne,and feele the likewant and mifery . Andalfo by bringing Gods judgements and hcauy puni(h:nts vpon the whole houfe, forhis finne, whereby it is dellroyed and brought to nought.For this finneofwhoredome is afirethat fha!detiourevnto defi?ruEtion, andwhichfhafl roote out all the Adulterers increafe,as lob fpeaketh,chap.3 1.14. Iob; r,r4. But as the adultererfinneth againfiothers, fomoilgrie- § Sea.g. ucufly againli himfelfe, in that he notonly defileth his body Thatadulre_ and foule with this abominable filthineflè, butalto woun- rers finxe mo f dethhis confciencewith a finne , which as it is in it felfevery gzz4' J t hainous,folikewife ofall other fianes moll vnexcufab1e;fee-rFtK . ing theLord hath not only prouided a remidyagainft this Gn,bur altobath inmercygranted veto him thevfe and fru- itionof it,namely,lawfull mariage. For why fhould he Neale ofhis neighbour that hash plentyof water in his owes ce- trou fleme l as the Wile man fpeakcth. Why fhould hedelight himfelfe in vnlawfull lullswith a [granger, vntowhom God bath giucn a wife in whom he may reioyce, as beingneere voto him, cuen as a part of himfelfe; and who maybe veto him (ifthe fault be not his owne either in his choice,or vfe) as the louing Hinde 6- pleafantRoe;whofebreathmayfatisfieProa .S.r9, himatall times, and in wbofeloue he may delight continually. Whereby it appeareth,that theadulteter is a wilfull thcefe, who (Icalethnot upon neceíiity , but through curious wan- tonne«e , lice a richmifcr who hauing plenty ofgold at his own command,ficales fromhis neighbour bi affe or copper. Bb And