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c. Mctiucs tep erfwade atllmen to lease?mine[wearing. 25 theirblafphemies,hauc been moued to doubt ofthe diuine iu1 ice,power &prouidence , becaufe fuch hellifh itnpiety is not"prefently puni{hed; in the end feting the fearfuincfle oftheir plagues , íhall conclude with the Prophet David: 1Doubtleffe there is a god that iudgeth the earth. Píal.58,1 CHAP., V. ,Motives toperfwade allmen to leavevain fwearing. ç Hich iudgerr is & punifhments ifwe would fecape,let vs hate & flee from this odious fin ofprophane fwearing; and that we may the rather be moued hereunto,let thefe reafons perfwade vs : Fiat, becaufe the Lord in his lawbath forbidden & condemned it, yea and that after a fpeciall maner;.for whereas hebathgiuen vs ten Comman- denients , he bath added a coinmination or thrcatningbut vnto two ofthem,thefill forbidding idolatry & falfwor fhip,the other takinghis name invain;to note vetovs that idolatry and prophanationof his holy name, are fuch odi- ous finnes in his fight, that ofall other hewill not let them goe vnpunifhed .. And in the new Teftamcnt our Sauiour Chrift likewife bath reuiued & ratified this law by his repe- titionand explanation:Math,5.34. Sweare notat al,neither by heauen,for it is the throne ofGod: 3 5. Noryet by theearth, for it is hisfootfloole; neither by Ierufalem,for it is thecityof thegreatKing: 3 6.Neitherfhalt thou[wearby thinehead,6e- caufe thoucant not makeonehairewhite orblackBut letyour communication beye.ayea,nay nay:forwhatfoeuer ismore thi thefe cömethofeuil. In whichwords (asAuflirie obferueth) our Saviour inioyneth vs not to fweare at all,to wit, inour ordinary communication left fwearingbeget facility of fwearing , facilitycuftome, and cuffomeperiury . And,as another faith, for this caufe ourLordforbiddeth,not onely to for f veare,but afo tofweare, left wejhould then onelyfeeme to (peke, the truthwhewe confirme it lyan eth;or left thole who ought to vtter nothingbut truthinaltheirfjieeches,,fholdima- E give §. Setl. . t.8ecaufe the Lord bathfor- bidden and condemned it. Mat,5,3431 Dico vobid,tte ammo isretit rtefcilicct uc_ rondo ad faci- litatetn iurat- di ve»iatur,& exfacilitate ad eot,juetudincrn, atqucita ex confuetuaine inperiurium decidatt,r. Con(é tium de Alen. dat.cap,r s, Chro,vt at, r3 Mat.tap.f.,