Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Excufer alleascdfor va+inefrreotrïnbanfivereeit 35 at it,becammeth anacceffary in the fault, and Ihall bea part- ner in the,pur,ifhnrenr. CHAP. VI. Exctsfes alleagedforvaine fwearing taken away. Nd thushaue ICcc dowse fuch reafons and ar.. guments,as may perfwade thofc whohaue any fparkeof grace , to lcauc this vaine finne, and thofe altowho arc in authority to punilh fe- ucrely fuch as are gracelell'e and incorrigible. Now in the next place I will takeaway chofeexcufes no leffe vaine then common, areobiedcd either in the de- fenceor excu(e ofthis tin . For Tome thereare who by long Sea. cuflomebeing hardened in this Gn,aregrown to that heighr The :rreafo>re of impudeney, that they dare not cnly excule their vaine wbo defend fivearingas veniall,but alto defend it as commendable ; & to theirfisearing, that high degreeofimpiety ,that they audacioufly prefume anfivered. to turne thepoint of Gods owneweapon againtl himfelfc, and to vfe the (word of theSpirit the wordof God,as their in lirument to wound Gods gloriousname, and as it were to 'labour SauiourChrifi,by makingwayfor their helli(h blaf- phemies.Doth not(fay they)theLord himfelfinioyne fwea- Den t.6.15 ring as a part of hisworfhip and feruice? and clothnot the Pfalmifl tell vs,thatall who fweare by theLord fhult reioyce Ptal.63.n before him ?themore thereforewe fweare, thebetter fcruice we do vnto God,and the greater sauteof true reioycingwe procure vetoour felues.To this anfwere,thatifthey would examine themfelues aright , theirowne confciences would tell them,that in their vainc (wearing theydonot propound veto themfelues,ás theirends ,Gods glory , and their fpiri- tuall reioycing, but rather fweare to dc(piteGod in their rage, when they cannot haue their will ; or in a brauery to grace thcmfelueswith this hellilh ornament. And therefore when -by there ends they defend their fwearing,they doebut play thegraceleifchypocrites,coucring their foule fin under this fairevizard.But though we leauc the ranfackingoftheir F z hearts