Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

:r, of tow .inevsfromwinefwearbtg. tageable, butalfo when theybee toour owne hindrance,our word ever, in waighty butinetlës will be credited , and need no(uptriour tefiimonyorconfirmation. §.Sett.S. Thefecond meancs to avoid Caine fwcaring,is with .David The fecund to fet a narrow watch before our lips, that we may not thus meancs tog- offend withour tongues and tobridleandcurbe in this yr.- 'n is to Y void vainc ru! euilJ with the bit of GodsF>:are, that it bur(} not out ir. [cepe a i;nm tovainc othcs; which otherwife will runneatrandomeand before our lips. fall into this viceeuen before weebee aware. And iflon cu= Pfai,39.r f}ome bath Co confirmed it in vs that weehaueno hope to Tam 1.16 mull brew breake it off at once , let vs labour at lea(} tobring it into a offcufforrte confumption,and by an antidoteof a contrary cuflorne,t© withçuftome, difinure our tongues from the vfe thereof. Let vsrefolue whatfoeuer occafìon bee offered , to keepe fuch a (blight watch ouerour tongue, that we will not fweare for the fpace ofa wholeday; and whenwe haue thus farre preuailed ouer our felues,let vs take a longer time; and fo taking as it werc a truce with Gods glorious name from time to time, bind- ing our Cclues in the mean- while that we will not offer a- gain(' it any abufe or violence , it will in a (mall (pace grow vnto a firme and inuiolable peace; and vainc othes which were as familiaras_our ordinary speech, will flicke in our teeth likeanvnknowne language, and become ofneercac- quaintance., which would vfually ruff' in without bidding, mere (}rangers whichwill not come within the doorcof our lips,vnleffc vp6extraordinaryoccafion they be inuitedo 45..SeE1.6, The thirdmeancs to auoidvaine fwearing,is to be Cparing The 3.meanes in the vieofearneflaffeuerations andprote1 ations;fortheft is tobe are as it were the outward and next adioyningfcnces,thevie is the vfeofaj whereofis topreferue Gods glorious namefrom being pro- f :aerations. phancd and trampled vpon bycommon vie; &therefore fo long as we fparingly and rcueren tly approchvnto them,wc will be much more refpc iue invfìng the nameofGod by anoth ; whereas ifwe vCuallyleape ouer the fence, and by prophane and c6mon vie tread it downeand trample it vn- derfoote,then the fence being taken away,the holy nameof God himfelflicth open tobe prophaned by vainc fwcaring, Acreuerations are as it were the banke and brink- ofthe wa- tery