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The Intones towanevsfromvalue f wearing. 45 ter, and vaine (wearing like a deepe mifchieuous pit fit to (wallow and drowns vs ifwee fall into it . So long therefore as wewalkc aloofe, and doe not approck the bank but vpon waighty occafìon,and with great care and circurnfpc6tion, we kcepc our felues out of all danger ; but ifwe be 1i11 lea- 15ing vpon the banck , andcarelcfly dancing vpon the very brinck, it is a thoufand to one we (hall flip in and perifhwn- leffe we rife againand recouer our felues by true repentance. A.gain,if it beobferued that we arc fparing in the vIeofthefe afleuerations, vnlelfe it be inwaighty atfaires,andwith great reuerence and refped , then will it gaine vnto them fuch our thority , that we (hall neuer bee vrged by fwearing to con. firme our fpeeches; euery one being ready more toefleesne and credit our honefi proteilation , then the deepeothes of tholewhoaccuflome their tongues tovaine (wearing. The fourthmeans toauoidethisGone ofvaine fwearing, is to (hun the companyof luchas much vfe it - becaufeour T eJo' I p s Thefourth corruptnature is eally infec`led, ifwedoe but breathe in themeanesis to contagious aire of finne. And as ciuill men lining among(} a a, oid the coma barbarous people, quickly lofe thepurity oftheir ownclan- Pan, ofvaine guage, &haue their Cpeech corrupted with the barbarifmcsf.'earers. that are daily founding in their cares; fo if being religious we haunt the company of theft curled Edomites,who inure their tongues to blafpemous fwearing, we (hall Toone forget to fpeake the pure language ofholy Canaan, &corrupt our fpeech with vaine and wicked orbes. And therefore let no - man prefumevponhis owne flrength1and flatter himfelfe with avaine conceit, that bee foabhorreth this cuflomable fwearing,that he is inno danger of beingcorrupted with it, though hee frequent fuch lead company . For there is little hope we fhall long firmely (land in Inch flippery places:firs(, becaufeit is Mil with God to withdraw his aGìflinggrace from thofe,who tempthimwith their prefumption,andthat they who fo loue tentations that theywilfully runne into them,fhould alto fall and be oucrcome in thedayof triall. Secondly,becaufe by reafonofour corruptiá,we are prone to fall into any finne ; for the feedsofall cull! remaining it vs,willa when they feeme dead and rotten, rcuitre and sprout G 3 vp