Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

q6 The manes to wanevs from valvefwcaring. vp againe, when as theyare, as it were watred and cheri- flied , with the wicked c : amples and incouragcments of prophase companions; and the tindar ofour corruption is eatïly let on fire with the touch of- the leall íparke ofan cuill prefident,ifit be not extinguill,ed by Gods Spirit. And laf}., ly,becaufe filch company will euen compell vs,with akind ofvrgent necellîty , to follow their owne pradife , by deny. ing to giue credit vino our words, vnleflc an orb be added for confirmation ; for theywho accutlome their tongues to vaine (wearing, will hardly beleeucanother manwithout an tth. §.Sett.b. The fifth meanes to make vs !cane this fin ofvaine fwca . tiermeans ring, is often to meditate upon thoCe fearcfull judgements, to meditate and puni(1ïments;which are by theLord threatned andinHi- on tboje fudge- &d vpon impious fwearers and blafphemers, both in this meats whirl) life and the life to come. For general!y they lie open ro all are e[ r1. Gods heat)), curies and maledic`lions ; and the fire of Gods value /inearers. Y Zach.5. 3. wrath (hallconfume their houles, and the Lordwill punifh them not with ordinary puni(hments, but will make their plagues wonderful!, not only in themfelues, but alío in their poflerity. Manifold experiencewhereofwe haue in the ex- amples both offormer times, and ofourowne daics, ifwee wouldbutobferuc theexecution of there heavy i udgernérs, vpon there impious blafphemers; fome dying with outra. gious burning in their mouthes, as though the flamesofhell were there alreadykindled ; others with fwolne tongues,dif. torted mouthes, and helli(h blacknellc, God (hewing the foulenetreoftheir fin by the vgly deformity oftheir punifh. ment. Others whohad inured their tongues to fweare by the bloodand wounds ofChri(tattheir death in fearful manner haue had vnllanchable iffuesofblond over all their bodies. Others haue died vttcring horrible blafphemics with their Tall breath,and fo haue been apprehended by theJudge,as it were,with theirtheft about thcm,andfommoned beforehis judgement fcate,whilelI they were executing the very adi of treaConagainfl Gods glorious Maicfly . And for conclufion, at theday ofiudgement, when as theyfliall bearraigned be- -fore his tribunali feate, and there indiìcd for theirmanifold abufing Dcut.s8,58