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58 Othes emoot kindto inpofyilities. repentance,and faith in Chrittinwhich gratiouspromire or God wercflingand trufling,doepromife,not rafhly andvn- aduifedly,but in the atruranceoffaith, that which being im.. poßïble vntovs, is madepoffìble by Gods promtfed grace, and the atlìl}anceofhisholy fpirit: and therefore our oth in Baptiftne makethnothing for thedefence ofthofe,who not required byG.od,nor hau,ng any promife ofhis allì(fance to enable them to perforn;e , doe raíhly and vpon theirowne accord, promife impo(fìbilities, in which mambaare they, who vow tingle life. g Sec%.7. Now this oth, whereby we fweare unto itnpof ibilities,is of that 04 taken two waies; fir(}, when as at the makingoftheorb the zvberebytve Y P àm oflîbilit of er(ormance appeared vnto vs, weehaving ¡iacare toper- p Pl forme kyroevtu no thewof any pof able meanes to make good ourprcmifc; impofsibilites. whichwho fodoe, commit a fearcfull (înne againfl God, by forfwearing themfelues, wittingly, and willin'ly; by ma- king his glorious name become a cloke for their falfhood;. by tempting his truth and power, and daring his iuflice to, execute his vengeance ;fo lïkewife, they Clime againfl their ncighbour,by abufing and deceiving him, in tharthey pro - rnife that which they haue nopoffible meanes toperforms, and againfl them(clues .by prouokingGods wrath,drawing downe vpon their guilty heads his fearefull vengeance,& by defperare leaping into the fireof hell. Secondly, this oth is taken when the impoffibiliry ap- ofimpofsibili- pearethnot, and that either becaufe INC doenot adudedly ties 'wearing confider ofourmeanes topet-forme our promife; by reafon âtt the mew. whereofwee doe not dilcerueour want ofpower, to make good our word ; or hauing futhcicnt power and meanes to períormc ouroth at the taking thereof, areafterz,'ards difa- bled by form vnexpec`Icd :accider. t . Ai ifby oth we fhould p.ron;ife to payata certaine time a fumme of money, hauing Co much inour o.vne cuffod),; and before the appointed day came, I hould bev,tierlydibbled by fire,thecues,orforoe o- thercafualty,fo as we haue nopcfikle rneanes to pr tforme our promife. The former cannot beexcufed,asbeinc a finne ofra(hne(fe and vnaduifdni tfe ( althcu hit is much lelfe hainous then whenwe Ctrea:c to knowne it»poíi Làlities)in that