Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Reajots! to Jif :i de romperitery. 71 God to be a witne(T'e ofhis dealing , and a Iudge and auen°- gerof thefe wicked a&ions. And thus theperiuredperfon direályfinnethagainfl the y..Sett,9, Maleflie of God . Now againil his neighbouralfo hegrie- How theper- uoufly offendeth manywaies by his falfe fwearing; for here-'aced Ferro: by he fubuerteth iuflice,which is the pillar oftheCommon- fnae tical wealth,and the bond ofhumane fociety; which being taken away, no Statecan (land but mull needs fall to ruine. Hec ouerthrowethtruth,which is thechiefe preferuer ofal com- merce, trading and intercourfe of dealing betweeoenation and nation, man andman; and in ficad thcrcofererffethvn- truthand falfhoo ;-1, which is the baneof Lumanefociety.He deflroicth the vfe and end of lawfull othes , which is ro de- termine controuer(ies, and to put anendvnto all firife; and confcquently taketh away the chicle bond of peace; and preferueth fufpitions, iealou(es, difcord and contention, which weaken and diffipate the bell fetled and moll firmly ef}ablifhed gouernment;he hereby peruerteth judgement, caulnr the Iurics ro glue a falfc vcrdic`l, and the Iudge an vniu(llentence,wherbyinnocency isfuppreffed,the honefl dealer fpoiled of his right andbrought vntoall extremities, falíhoodmaintained, the oppref 'or ílrcngthened inhis ma- licious courtes; and in a word, the wholecourfe andadmini- firationofiuflice peruerted andvtteriyouerthrowne. Solikewifc hereby he moil pernicioufly fnneth againfl §,sel. r®â himfclfe ; for this fin ofperjury maketh fuch a deepe wound Theperjured in the con fcicnce,that it is hardly recurcd,vnlclTe withPeter perfon fnnetb the bewaile it with bitter tcares , and powre into it thepre- aVinft bi,nfe1f cious balmeofChrifls bloud by a true faith ;and he that fal- Rotu,a,23,3°., lab into ir, is c6monlyeither giucn vp to a reprobate fen fe, to runne headlong into all martnerof(inne and wickednefc; or ere is continually hauntedwith this firme , as with a hel- lifh fury; which tormenteth his foule and confcicncewith. tefllclre fcares,and affrighting terrors,. C;11:Á o