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74 Oft-heputsr, fljnteNr ofpewixry. CHAP. XII. Thepunifhmens ofperiury. Nd fomuch for thofe rcafons which are take from thegreatnetfe ofthis finne. Thefecond fort may be drawne from the grieuoufnc(fc of their puni(hment ; the which the Lord infli&eth either tnediatlyby the miniflcryof men,or immcdiatly by himfelfe. s, SeEl.i. Amongfl menas it hash in all ages,and in all places beene z.Pcriury is accounted an hainous fìnne and capitall crime ; fo bath it puni(hed with beenepunifhedwith no light or (mall puni(hments . For fhamefull in- fir(l s whereas a good name is better then eitherfìluer,gold, amy. r or great riches,and as highly valuedamongfl vertuousmen as life it Celle; this finne ofperjury bath euer fo (lamed the periurcd perfon with fuch a deepe ingrained dicofinfamy and reproch,thattheblemilh could neuer betakenaway vn- to the endoflife. And howfocuer the offender hauingwa- flied and bathedhis cheekes with teares ofvnfained repen- tance, and his foule with the blond of Chrifl, appliedby a liuely faith, bath the polluted (laines of this defilingGone waffledawayout ofGods fight ;yet feldorne is hefu purged and cleanfed in the judgement of men, but that fome blots andblemifhcs doe (}ill remaine euen to theend oflife . To Lib. z:dePegib. this purpofe Cicero faith,`Peristrrpwnadining, exitium ; hu- rnana,dedecus : Diuinepunifhment infli led uponperiurcd perlons for their falffwearingis de(lruaió;humane,is (hame & difcredit. And this is that puni(hrnentwhich both the Ci- uil andCanon law impofed vponfilch ; namely,that if they were taken with this fault,they fhould for euer befo difabled in their credit andreputation,thatthey might not be admit- ted to be witnetfes,& to glue teflimony,either in their owne or other mens calks , in any iudiciall proceedings . The which punif hmét was in Gods righteous iudgement inflid- ed in fomeproportion according to thequalityof their fm: for wheras they to grace thaelues in their vntruths, care not (as