Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Of thepttniJhwent ofperiarie. , 73 (as much as in them lieth) to di(honour God, byderiuing the imputation of fraudand deceit vpon him whom they inuocate as a witncffe oftheir lies: God iufilymeetethwith them, and returneth the infamie and reproachvpon their owneheads. Befides whichpunifhment ofinfamy,the fame lawes im- §,Sea. pofe others vponhim that cômits this fin,as that he (hall be other puur depriued ofall Ecclefiaflicall preferments, and dignities, ifments ofper- he poffeffe them, andnot be admitted,either into the Mini- %ry fiery or goueri m ent;ofthe Church. That likewife he (ball be difpoiléd ófa11 ciui1 .adùancement, fo ashee (hall not be admitted vnto any fuck preferment, norreenter after he is difplaced. Befideswhich punifhments in name & flate,they determine that he fhouldbe punifhcdas a cömon cofener, andbee either beaten:with cudgels and ílaues,orexiled and baoithcd,pr ifit were in capitall matters,and concerned the lifeofhis neighbour, heefhould be punifhed with death it felfc, according to the lawe of' God in that cafe prouided, Deut.!9.19. The which punifhment ofdeath was infii &ed Patric, lib. 5. vpô all among theEgyptíans,whowere conui&ed ofwilful 6t.5. periury,vponany caufewhatfoeuer,as Patricia, recordeth. But becaufe thefe humane punifhments arc not alwaies S. Sec`s -3 inflicted vpon the offenders, either becaufe their fin beeing HOr the Lord cunnin 1 or clofeliea&ted,is not difcouered . or through ,hcitepuns g Y> > g Jhethperiury< theirnegligence, and want of zBale for Gods glory, who haue the foieauthority to fee the 'awes executed; therefore the Lord himfclfeoftentimes taketh his owne caufe intohis ownehand : and howfoeuer menwincke at & acquit them, yet he holdeth themnot guiltleffe,who thus by their periu- ry prophane&pollute his holy name.And becaufehis glory which is by this fin impea;ched,is moí}deare vntohim:ther-' fore the Lord doth feuerelypunifh thofe who thus offend, bothwith temporary, andeternal' punifhments in them- felues,& alfo in their pot+erity, as the Poet well obferued : Inprolemdilata rauntperiuriapatris, claudianca Etp&nasnmeritofiliuf ore lair, to crorettum. And as this fin ofperiuxy is inau extraordinary fort3l omi- nable inGods fight ; foBothhee punifh it with extraordi- L narie