Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

76 The Conclu/lonof this Treatife. fuch like. And fo Thal they moue the Lord in mercy to look uponvs, to put vp his fword ofvengeance which hathbeen longdrawn againft vs, and to pull back his punifhinghand which a great-whilebath lienheauy upon our land,by vnu- fuall ficknetfe, peflilenceand famine: and contrariwife to firctch foorthhis hand of mercy and goodnef e ; whereby his blefiings andbountifull benefits Thal be not obly conti- nued, but allo inlarged and increafedboth unto vs and our pofterity.So allo íha1l theygather vnto themfelues certaine a,Sam.z.3 o. affurance,that thus feeking the aduancement ofGods glo- ry,the Lordwill altohonor theun, &make their name glo- rious in the fight ofthe people vnto all poierity ; and alto that ruling for God in this life,they ¡hall raignewithhim in euerlafiingglory in the life to come. The whichmercy the Lord our God vouchfafe for his Sonne our Sauiour Iefus Chrift his fake,to whom with the holySpirit,threeper- fous and one God,ìnfinite in all perfe&ion,be afcribed all honourandgloryboth now and euermore. .Amerb. PINI So 4