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Drs kennel fe condemned by Godatnd trait, 83 CHAP. II. Thatdrunkenneffe isa godandman. Nd thus much for the lawful vie ofthefecrca §. Beet. t: tures : wberby itappeareth that howfoeucr Oddr 'chases theabufe is hateful!, yet their lawful! vfe is not to be reiceted; neitherare we to approuc Zycurgus prac`li(e , who becaufe the people wereaddi&cdto drunkcpneffe,caufed all the vines in the country to be cut downeand fpoiled : for he Plutarch de fhouldhauedonebetter (asPlutarch faith)if hehad digged a tauoe= well neere vnto euery vineyard,that the hot furyofBacchus diend..P might be tempered andcorretiedwith the milde cooleneffe .14° ofthe warty Nymphs. Nowcontrariwife they are abufed when as they are fpent in drunkcnnelííc, intemperancy and esceffe. For men finne in the abufe of thefe creatures two waies : firfI by drunkenne(fe, when by immoderate (willing and tipling theyare deptiued ofthevfe of their rea(on, vn- derflanding,andmemory; fo as for the time, they become likeveto beafls . Secondly by eaceffe,when as theyaddiet thernfelues tomuch drinking, and make it their vfuall pra- t}ife to fit at thewineor flrongdrink; neither are they a- lone to be ef}eemed as drunkards who depriue themfelues ofthevie ofreaCon,and become brutifh; but thofe who take their chiefe pleaCure indrinking and carou(ing;though their braine will beare it without anygreat alteration; at after- wards (hall appeare. And thusyou fee what drunkenne% is. Which that we §.SeEt.2; mayauoide andabhorre , wearc toknow that it is condem. Drunl'ennee ned as a great euill, and hainous tranfgreffion both in the eondcmnedn ar high court of heauen,and in the inferiour courts of mens Ì rea , consciences. The Lord chiefs Iuflíceof heauen and earth 1;¿ly. bath pronounced his Centenceof eternal! woe and maledi- c`tion,againfl thole who are found guilty of this cricne,as appearcth,ECa.5. t i.woe vnto thetas that rife vp early tofollow E fa.5.zr, CAI 2 drunkenneffe,