Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

84 Drunkenneffe condemnedby God andman, drop/kennóffe,andunto them that continue vntillnight,till the Efa.i8.t wine doe inflame them, &c. Su E(a, 28.i. woe to the crowneof pride the drunkards ofEphraim, &c. Which fearful! woe that it might not bee indidedvpon his fubieels ,he 'lathadmo- n (bed thcm to auoide the Cnne,thatCo they mayelcape the Lulc.zi.34:21 puni(lunïfnr.So Luk.2T.3 ;..Take; heedtoyourfelues lcflata- ny timeyourhearts beopprefed withfurfettinganddrunken ne,Te,andcaresofthis life; anti left' that day comevpon youat Eph 5.18 vnawares.Atid EpheC5. t8.T3enordrunIZewithwinewherein 2s excefe. §.Sec ..3. And thus you fee what fauour this vice finder,rat the bar- 2./t is con. ofGods iudgemenc. Neither hath it any more countenance demned by mi: or allowance in the court of mens con(ciences : forall men ',By cb;fiaás bothCtñriCtian and Heathen by the cleere fhining light of grace,and the twilight ofnature, haue condemneddrunken- Ad facras mile as an odious vice. Auguftinefaith, that ebrietas e¡tfda- vsrg, priorum amniamater, culparique materia,&c,Drunl¿,enneffe u the mother of outrages, the matter offaults , the rooteof crimes , the fountainofvice ,. the intoxicator of thehead,tht quellingofthe fenfes the tépefl. ofthe tongue,the f orm ofthe body ,t hefhipwrackofchaftity,loffe oftime,thevoluntary mad - neffe,the ignominious languor, thefilthir,efe ofmanersahedlf . graceoflife,thefhame ofbomb , the corruption of the foule, And agar n,Ebriet u eft blandiudemon,dulce venenum, f sane peccatu,qu; quihabetfeipfumnó habet;quà quifacit,peccatû nonftcit,fed totus ofpeccatum. DrunlZenneffe is analluring dine!, aplea/ìne poi fm. a fweetfn, which whofokeepes,lofeth himfelf;cwhichwhofo doth,maybefaidnotfomuch tofn,ae .ili, de Nair, bet be turned intofin. And inanother pl ace :E6riofus cïsabfor- vinum,abforbeturrì vino,abominatur , Deo,de/jìicsturab angelis,decideturab hominibias, deftitnitur ri virtutibus,con- funditur,, damonibus , conculcatur ab hominibus: when the drunkarddeuoureth wine,heIc devouredo fwire,hee is abomi- nable to God,defpifedofthe angels,fcorned ofinen,a;.baidoned ofvertue,confounded by the dinels,trampled vndermens feet. Chryfo/loma'keth this gnettion:7uidebrietatemiferabilius, &c.what is more miferable then the fin o fdrunkenneffe,feeing ¡he liuinscreature by drunkenneffebecimetb as it were dead. It 70m, 5401.14