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§ SeEi. i. i .The bun. kard Qrieuouf- ly /inneth a. gainfi God, §. SeEt.3. Drunkennefe maketh men vnflt for Gods feraite, 86 'That thedrunkardfinnethgrietsotufy again" God. beexpec`lcd that I (hould obfcrue a diflinet'propriety,in re.;, ferring particulars to their gencrall heads, for as much as manyofthem are coincident one with another , and in a di- ners relation may diuerflybe referred ;onely I thought good topropound this diuifion , that we may proceed in form order. Fir(i then the drunkard grieuoully finnethagainfi God, and that in diuers refpe&s. Firfl by committingagain (l him one ofthewor(l kinds ofldolarry,in that he maketh hisbel- lyhis god,as it is Phil. 3.09. Whereof it is that gluttons and drunkards arc vfually called billy --gods,becaufe they better loue it, and more diligently ferue it, and more carefully pleafe it,thenGod himfelfe. Secondly,therby they doefo opprefTe the heart, load the tomacke,and dull the (pirits, that theyarc altogether vnfit to performe vino God any part of his worlhip and feruice* for litheLord will be worfhipped in fpirit and truth, how farce are they fromworfhippingGod aright, who hauenot fo much as the vie oftheir reafon &vnder(landing? Ifmore then.accu(lomed fobriety, yeafometime falling and totali abflinence, berequiredwhenwe powre forth our foules vn- to God inprayer, that we may be the better fittedfor this holyadion; how ill are they difpofed for this excrcife,whofe flomackes are furcharged, and braines diflempered , with wine and firon.g drinke ? If fuch be our weakeneffe and in- firmity, that when we come falling to the hearing of the word', wearc often overtaken with drowfie dulnell'e;.what can be expe&ledof thofe wholeheads are intoxicated with fumes and drunken vapours, but blockiíhdeadnefTe, and more then brutish drowtnef e The confideration whereof Mould make all Chri(lians abhorre this vice ('orifit bee efleemed an odious thing that a fubied, being to confcrre with his Princeabout important affaires, fhoúid comevnto him inhis drunkenness howabominable is his pra&ife,who -being tocome intoGods prefence,either tofpeake vnto him bypraier,or toheare the Lord fpeaking vntohim in theMi- nif}ery of the word , is fooppreffed with drinke, that he is more fit to fleepe then toheare , or fpeake ) and to .difgorge his