Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

THE TABLE. HE Stewards Summons. Page r. T E X T. LUKE 16. Z. Givean account of thy Stewardfhip, for thou mayft be no longer Steward. The Praife of Mourning. Page 17: ECCLESIATES. 7, 2, hisbetter to go to the llcufe of uo(ourning, than to theHoufeofPeeing for that is the endof all men, and the living will lay it to his heart. Deliverance from the King of Fears. Page 33: HEIIaE-Ws2.14,15. 14. Forafmuch thenas the Children are partakers offleJb and blood , he alto hitrfelf likewise tookpart of thefame, that through dèathbe might deftroy him that had the power ofdeath, that is the Devil. 15. Anddeliver themwho (through thefear ofdeath) were alltheir life timeftsbjeft to bondage. The Perfcition of Patience. Page 47 JAMES 1.4. But let patience have her perfeli work, thatyou Maybe perfefd and inure, wanting nothing. A Reftraint of Exorbitant Pafion. 'Page .6r! 2 S A M. IL 22, 23. 22, e/Ind hefad, while the Childwas yet alive, 1 fafled andwept, for Ifaid, Who can tell whether God will be gracious to me that the Oddmaylove? 23. But now he is dead, wherefore fbould !PO ? Can 1 bring himback again ? Ifall go to him, but be fball not return to me. The Sting of Death, &c. Page 73. I C O R. 15. 56. The fling ofDeath is Sin, and theftrength ofSin -is the Lax. The DeftruEtiou of the Deítroyer, &c. Page 81. CO R. 15.16. The lafi Enemy that (hallbe dejtroyedis Death. The Worlds Lofs; and the Righteous Mans Gain. Page 91. Is AIAH. S7. I. endmerciful men are taken away, none conuidering that the righteous is takenawry from the evil to come. The Good-Mans Epitaph, &c. Page 107. REVEL. 14. 13. -' 1heard a voyce fromHeaven laying untome, write, Bleffedare the deadwhich die in the Lord, from henceforth ; yea, faiththe Spirit; that they may ref/ from their labours, andtheir works do follow them. The Chriftians Center, &c. Page 1r7. RoM. 14.7,8. 7, For none ofut liveth to himfelf, and no man deeth to himfélf. 8. For whether we live, we liveto the Lord; andwhether we die, We die unto the Lord ; whether we live thereforeor die, weare the Lords, The 1m`provcment ofacne, &c. Page 129. I C o R. j. z9, 3o, 3r. '29. tut this 1fay Brethren, the time is fhort, it remaineth that both they that have wive:, beas though theyhad none. 3o. Ind they that weep as though they wept not ; and they that rejoyceat ifthey re- joicednot; and they that buy; as though theypo¿efl'ed not. 31. And they that of thisworld, as not abufsng it; for thefalhion ofthis world paffetb away.. .Seclìriéy