Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

'The TABLE. Security Surprizcd, &c. Page 143. I THESáAL, 5. 3. For when they(hall fay peace andfafety: there fudden defiruition iometh Upon them de travail upon a woman with child, and theyfball not efcape. A Chri{Hans Vi&ory, or Con quell over Deaths Enmity. Page 159. I C o R. 15. z6. The laftEnemy thatfhallbedellrovedit Death. The great Tribunal : or, GodsScrutiny of Mans Secrets. Page 171. EC LE S. 12.14. For God will bring every work into lodgement, with every ferret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. ATryal of Sincerity, &c. Tage ISr. ISAIAH 26.8,9. 8. 1ë.t, inthe way ofthyjudgments ( 0 Lord) have we waitedfor thee i thedefre of ouWfoul is to thyname, and to the remembrance of thee. 9. ;pith any foul have I defred thee in the night, yea, with my ijirit within me will I feel thee early; for when thy judgements are in the earth, the Inhabitant; of the world will learn rtghteoufnef. TheExpe&ationofChrifln Coming, &c, Tage 195. PHIL. 3.20,21. 120. For our converfation is in Heaven, fromwhence we lookfor the Saviour, the Lord1efin Chriff. 2i. who /hall change our vile body, that it maybe fa(bioned like unto hisglorious body, I according to the working, whereby he is able tofubdose all thingsunto himfelf. Chrifls Precept and Promife, orSecurity againfl Death. Page i11. JOHN 8.5r. Verily, verilyIfayuntoyaw, ifa man keep myPaying, he/hall never fee Death, TheYoung-mans Liberty andLimits, &c. Page zz3. E C c L ES, II. 9. Before 0young man intbyyouth, and let thyheart chear thee in :hç dayes of:byyoufts, andwalk in thewayes ofthineheart, andin thefight ofthine eyes : butknow thanthat for all theft things God will bring theeinto judgement. e/lbrahams Purchafe, &c. Page 231-. G EN. 23.4. ¡am a granger and afojourneramong you, give me apoßegionofa burying place with You, that I maybury mydeadout ofmyfight. GodsEfteemof the Death of his Saints. Page 243. Ps AL. 116. 15. Precious in thefight of the Lord is thedeath ofhis Saints. The defire of theSaints after immortalGlory. Page 25r. 2 C O R. 5. 2. For in this wegroan earne(tly, defiring to be cloatbed upon, with eon hoof; which is from heaven. ., The Carelefs Merchant, &c. Tage 265.. MAT. 16. 26. What is amanprofited, if heJhallgain the whole world, and lofe his foul. Chrifts fecond Advent, &c. Page 273. REVEL. 22. 12. Behold I comefhorty, andmy reward is with me, togive every man according to his works. TheSaints longing for the greatEpiphany. Page 263. TITUS 2.13. Looking for that bleffed hope, and theglorious appearing of the great God, and our Saviour fetus Chrift. Lifes Apparition, and Mans Difï'olution. Page 291. JAMES 4. 14. Forwhat isyour life ? it is evenavapour thatappeareth fora little while, and then S va- nifhethaway.