Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The TABLE. Saint Pauls Trumpet, &c. Page 303, ROM. eAnd that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out ofPep. The righteous mans reftingplace, &c. Page 313. GE N. 15. I. After there things thewordof theLord came to Abraham, fling, Fear not Abraham, Iam thy fhield, and thy exceedinggreat reward. The righteous Judge, &c. Page 323. . JAM. 2. 12.: So(peal ye, and fo do, as they that f all bejudged by thelawof liberty. Sins Stipend, andGods Munificence. Page 335. ROM. 6.23. . For the wages off :nù death, but thegift of God is eternal life, through Jefes Chrifl our Lord, TheProfit ofAfili6hions, &c. Page 343. H EB. 12.10. For they verily for afew days chafined usafter their ownpleafeore;; bite he for stir profit, that we might be partakers ofhie holinefo. Spiritual Hearts-cafe, &c. Page 355. JOHN 14.1,2,3. I. Let notyour hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe alto in me. 2. on my Fathers houfe are many manftons, if it were notfo, I would have told you, Igo to prepare aplace for you. 3 And if Igo toprepare a place foryou, r will come again and receiveyou unto mr [eel f, that where o am, thereyou maybe also. Faiths triumph over the greateft Trials. Page 367. H E B. 11.17. By Faith Abrahamwhen he was tried, offered up his fin Ifaac t andbe that had re- ceivedshe promife offered up his only begottenson. ThePriviledgeof the Faithful, &c. Page i77. I PE T. 3. 7. As heirs together of the grace of life. Peace in Death, &c. Page 387. LUKE 2. 29. Lordnow lettefi thou thyfervane depart in peace according to thy word. The Vital Fountain, &c. Page 399. JOHN II. 25, 26. 25. yefitslaidunto her, Iam the referreítion and the life ; he that btlieverb inme, though hewere dead let (hall be live. 26. eifndwhofoever liveth and believeth in me, full never die. Death in Birth, &c. Page 411. G E N. 35.19 AndRachel died. Thedeath of fin, and lifeof grace. Page 419. ROM. 6. IL Z,ì wìje reckónye aljoyour [eelves to be dead unto en, but alive unto God throughJe- fus Chri(i ourLord. Hopes Anchor-hold, &c. Page 433. I CO It. 15. 19. If in this life onelywe have hope in Chrifi, weare ofall men moil mijerable. The Platformof Charity, &C. Page 445. GAL. 6. Io. Aswe havetherefore opportunity, let toe dogood toall, efpecially to them that are of the hou(hold of faith. Deathprevented, &c. Page 463. JOB I I All the days of my appointed time will lwait till my change (hall come. Iter