Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

'52 Security f srprifed, or, the (,icy, and flighted you from your own houfes , and from the HouCe of God. Well, There are fewfulpt doges, that when former Judgments prevail nor, won. Amos 4, fer are a coming. I havefmitten them (faith God in the fourth of n/lmes) with cleannefl of teeth,andyet they bave notreturned untome. What then ? I have fmitten themwith 6lafling and mildew, andyet they have not returned unto me. What then ? Ihavefmitten themwith thepefttlenee, after the manner of Egypt, andyet they have not returned unto me. What then ? Therefore Iwill come agairi them; and becaufe I will do this,prepare to meet thy God, Oh !frail. As if he fhould fay, I have now flood out, and tried you at one or two weapons, and found you obfü. nate and rebellious ; I have Reuck at you with the Sword of Famine ; 1 have ihot at you theArrows ofpeflilence, I have fmitten you with other Judgements. You fhould nowmeet me, if not, I have more weapons yet ; I will come and bid the barrel againft you, and is fhallappear who is the tironger, you or I. And frone ' you will (}andout againft me, notwithftanding che Judgements executedupon others, andafflitionsupon your feivts, fee if youcan fand out againfìmy 'ail firoke; you have efcaped fome infer fickneffes upon your own bodies ; you have duped the Peffilence already; but youfball find it a hard task, when God biddeth battei, to efcapo his 'aft ftroke, ifyou will not now be reconciled,and come in, and feek his face. This is the firft demon(iration, whereby it appears, that we are Gnfully fecure, which is a fare-rnnner ofJudgment, becaufe we arenot awakened by theJudgment of God , uponour felvesand others. ,. Cáotempt Secondly, Another fign is this, The contempt ofGods Ordinances; the (lighting of theordì of the Prophets. This is an evident demonferation that we are under this carnal fe. "Et' entity Inow fpeakof. Mark how the Lord defcribeth a peoplewhom he meaneth to deftroy, Zack. y, a r, xì.They refufedto hearken, andpulledaway the fhoulder, andflopped theirears, that they (horrid not bear : Tea, they marts their hearts as an Adamant flow, left they ¡honldbear the Law, and thewords which the Lord of Hoar bathPent on his fp:rtt by the farmer Prophets: thereforecarve agreat wrathfrom the Lord of Hefts. A great wrath ; what is that ? Therefore ( wife 13.) it is come topaf3 , that as He cried, and they wouldnot hear, to theycried, and! wouldnotbear, faith theLord of Hefts. Well (beloved) littledo youknow what time, and ways, God bath to make you cryand roar in the anguifh of your hearts, becaufe of judgmentsand affliâions,when; y ouwill not now hear God, that firiveth with you, and cries unto you with the voice of his Spirit in his Prophets fromday today. Whenmen will nothear God Cpcaking Amos6. to them inhis word, it is always a forerunner of Judgement. In the firth of Antos the Lord challengeth his people, and telleth them, that he had ufed many means for their reclaiming, butnothing would do them good: well now (faith he) bear the rod, and himthatbarb appointed its as if he fhouldfay,there is nodealing with you with the Word,but I muff comewith the Rod, with Judgment. Is it not thus with us at Iee.9;i3. this day? May not theLord fay ofus, as hedid ofthe people in 3eremies time? Toss have forfaken my law which tlet beforeyou, and have not obeyed my voice, neither walked therein, bat bave walkedafter the imaginations ofyour own heart. And then what follows ? Therefore, thusfaith theLord of Hofs,Bebold, I willfeed this peoplewith wormwood,andgive them water ofgall todrink,and Iwill fend afword afterthem, till have confirmed them. Ia. sJ. 334 Do not many cryout, as they in Jar. 23.33. Ft/hat is the barthen of the Lord? Whereis it that the Minrfiers have not been threatning Judgement and telling you that God jscomingoutto be avengedupona finful Nation t have they not beencry. ing thus, this fevers, ten, twenty years ? Where is that burthenof the Lord ? Well, you (hall findwhat it is, when the day of the Lord cometh, aday of blacknefs and terrour, it hafieneth ; and this very fecurityisanevidentIgo thereof: even as in thedaysof Noah, that Preacher ofrigbttoufnefs; and in thedays ofLor,tbatvexed ba-s foulwit!.' ehe unclean converfation ef the Sodomites; theywould not believe their words, butthey Teemed unto them, as if they mocked; and then came theJudgement 1 of the Lord upon them. If