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Ì76 wilful! impenitency 4 yrf,, Here's a word to you that are godÿ,() what mercy hath To quicken the Lord fhewedto you , and how ought you to be the thankful- thankfull ! never was there filch mercy as this to thew neffe of the mercy to the wilful: O woeful foute, be his mifery ne- godly. ver fo great,hee's not the fit obiea of mercy ; for though Note. mif ry be mercies obj?7, yrt joyrc'd with wilfulnes its not to be pitued : you have beene as wilful! as any, all cut out of the fame rocke ; the Lord hath not onely helpt you to mercy and grace, but alío, to a will to take it. When Lrt wasunwilling to goe out of Sodome , the Lord Cooke hint by the arme, and carried him perforce; now fee how ; the Text expreffes it : the Angels to^ke hold of his band, the Lord being mercifull unto him,and tb:y brought him forth, Gen. r 9,16.As if he fhould fày,would you faine flay ?you fhallnot ; would you (land lingring to be confumed with fire and brintfione? you (hall not: the Lord was mer- eifull to him whether be would or nr. So you had no mercy on your felves, but the Lord had ; yee were wilfull a gainfl mercy, and the Lord failened mercy enyou, whether you would or no, he commanded his loving kind:teffe, P fal. 4.2.8. goe mercy and feize on them, goe loving kindnef , and make them takeyee; not as though God converted you againf your wills : for when he converted you, your unwillingnefl-e was taken away ; but he made you of un- willing, willing. Oh the infinite mercy of God, and the infinite cauce you have to be thankefull. V e In the fifth place , to you that fand out in your wil' Áf of able fullneffe fill ; is it fo that ye fticke at a will not? then be Item to all re exhorted to be much in abating your felves before the bellious(pirits. Lord: your (loutn fl` is intollerable, that you dare fit up the briars and tborne, againfl G d in battle ; down with them and be wife : you hardenyour own hearts, and diCable your felves more and more for repen- ting of it ; ye defpife the Lords name by the fubf orn- neffe of your froward will, you can never be faved ex- cept your wills (loop : before Cbrifi will meddle with a fcu/e, bee'l fìrfi arke, art thou willing? as he ask'd the blind man,