Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

86 Wilful/ Impenitent" Note. An awalming hinr,for the redeemed of the Lord. Note. not be if Chrift come ; he will have theme and there lulls turned away, which thou wouldeíl faine kerpe ; he will have this done and that done , and thou wilt not : two contrary will! can never fined together. No, if thy will be contrary to Chrill, Christs will , will be contrary to thine ; if thy will be to doe that which will offend him, his Will will be to doe that which will vexe thee; Ifyee will w !Ike contrary to me , I will alto walloe contrary to you, Levit.26.23.2 4.. No, no, your wills they muti bow, or Chrift will not take you in hand ; the will is the generall prefioppof tien of all the whole Gofpell : the fitmme of the whole Gofpell is this, to deny a mans fèlfe, and to take up Chrifls croffe and to follow him ; now fee the will is prefuppofèd as ready ; If any man will come after me, let him deny himfelfe, &c. Luke 9.23. ne're a command -. ment of the Gofpell, ne 're a promife, ne're an one paf- rage but prefitppofes the Will ; Chrift will not open his mouth t xcept thy will be brought downe. A few words to you that are the redeemed oftbe Lord, and fo I'le make a conclutîon of all. I pray God Imite home this point into your hearts;for though your wills be tamed and fubdued in regard of thewicked , you doe not had out a= they doe, nevertheleffe obferve you this point : thei e's many a Canaanite that remains fiill in our bofomes,that we m.ey thanke our own willr,for not rooting out. We doe notput our (elves forth fo much as we might, nor labour in the Lord fo ferioufly as we might, not walk fo dole as we might ; oh beloved, there fame will I not! doe ut all the mifrbiefe that ever is done a r. For Licit, blue never finne againfl Gofpell but onely upon will not1; indeed we finne againfl the law in every of our can- not!, but we never fine againfl the Gofpell, but onely in our wil l'nots. The Gofpell requires nothing of a believer, but that which it give., him,and therefore we never finne again / the Geffell, but onely in our winner' : this is the voice of the Gofpell, i t rrs Zen if any man will,Iohn.y. )17. Oh then let us ftirre up our (elves, flail we finne a gainfl