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the groffl self- murder. 87 gainft Gofpeli? and (inne aainfl mercy. Secondly, We can never dirp'ear God but onely upon mil neo. I fpeake onely upon Gods people ; we can never Elaine our acceptance with God, but onely in our will nots ; though we cannot hutfinne in our prayers, but (inne in our duties, but En in every thing that we doe : yet this does not ftaine our acceptance with God, nor ble- mifh it one whit, when God bath our wills : for if there be a willing minde, it is accepted according to that which a man bath, aneinot according to that which a man hath not, 2 Cor. 8.52 . But when God would have tes mend this., and we will not ; and reforme that and we will not ; we let fe entity and {loth breake into our wills.here and here on ly doe we difpleafe our good God, this is a maine thing to confider ; is there but one thing wherein we may die. pleafe God, and thall we not take heed of tfkat ? Thirdly, Confeience can never condemne ue but anely upon wil not: ; when a child of God fronts, andhe cannot o- therwife choofe,his confcience can never condemne him. A child of Gods cannots, be they never fo many, nay if they were millions more then they are, they never hinder f n eerily ; fincerity is rooted onely in the will, it is our mil not that it the breach ref fncerity,and therfore here only the confcience condemner; does our confcience reproach us in our wayes? let us thanke our mil nots for this; have we little peace ? it is becaufe of the rebellion of our wil nots. Ah, ah, this is an infinite evil!, for it hinders our com- forts, it hinders our boldneffe of acceffe to the throne of Gods grace, it hinders our patience, and every good dit ty, this does us infinite laurt; it ttabbes to the heart, and wounds our very foule, when our confcience affordeth little peace,0 it hinders very grievoufly; all this as long of our will note, becaufe we will not be fo carefull and fo circumfpea as we might. Fourthly , Gee can never be angry with to but onely upon wil noes ; its true as long as a man is not in Chriff, all the fcore (lands ; and Gods is angry for all ; but God is an- gry