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To the Chriftian Reader. molt confident adverfaries of Free- grace. And that bitter weed could never take deepe rooting in any of thefe three kingdomes, and thrive very fruitfully. There was in Ireland a molt learned Arch- Bifhop When to truth it there. And a mighty man in thefe Control/. verfies, Doctor Twifhe ( another Auftine) to fuppref e it in England. As learnedand induftrious Mr. Rutherford and others have done their parts fucce.(f efully in Scotland. But alas, Arminius now appears amongft us,not fo much in theSchooles and Pulpits, as in popular mee- tings. For, as Zanchius complained with much regret of the Lutheran Ubiquitaries, that he found them u- bique,every where to vex and moleft him;fo may we grieve, (o that we could with brokenne(fe of heart bewaile it) that our Univerfalifts are almofi uni- verfally fpread amongft us: It is gotten into our Ne- therlands, much into the fennifh and moorifh parts of this kingdom, yea amongft many people that love lefus Chrift, and therefore entertain it, as concei- ving it molt for his Honour ( the more they. are to be pitied, and to be inftructed with a ffiirit of meekneffe; thew them by Scripture evidence this is not Gods way of advancing Chrifi, and you recover them) it is now in popular hands, we need fuch worthies as the Author of this following Treatife (bleffed be the Father of mercy, the Fountaine of every good and perfect gift, for his and many others fruitfull labours ) who may condefcend to parley I with poor Chriflians at their Tables, in their f hops, to follow them at the plow(as Reverend Mr. Green - B ham Who Were a- ftraprime mag, nitudinir. Z. Tim. z. z4.