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the grefefl Self murder. 3 n ,Tes, or Zedekiahs, or e/Idams fin, quafi cants pecca- tram raps dependeret ? you know that if the fon walk not in the fathers fin,. I ufe to receive him, you can bear me wirncÇ'e ; I call you to a new covenant : Why then will ye die, O house of ffrael ? 4. Is it becaufe ye have no Saviour ? you know that the Lamb of God, Chrift Jefus was florin for you from the beginning of the world, that you may be faved upon faith. 5. Is it becaufe ye have no power ? ye know I offer you grace and power, and ye will not have it : Why then will ye die ? 6. Some Authours alledge five why's more. why wally, &c. Is it for this caufe, or that caufe, or that? or what caufe is it ? No caufe on Gods fide ; no, ye may thank, your own wilt if you perish ; this, this only acce- feth you, you will not be railed: you are carelefre of God, C'hrift,-Grace, and you will befo ; ye are vain, and car - nall, and obstinate, and ye will be fo ; Wo unto thee, O ?eralfalerm; wilt 'thou not be made clean ? when !hall it once be ? Jer..t 3.27. He does not fay, Wo unto thee Je- rufalem, cánft thou not be made clean ? but wilt thou not be made clean'? Prefuppofitions not to be miftal(en. r., Its true, that a wicked man cannot repent, nor be converted of himfelf ; but this cannot, do's not hin- der him. If a wicked mans cannot did hinder him, he might excuse himfelf before the Tribunall of Christ Lord, thou k ioweft l did my best, I would have been ru- led by thy word, but I could not ; I would have been humbled and reformed better then I was, brit I could not : If a wicked mans cannot did hinder him, he might ex- cube himfelf thus : But alas, he is not able to fay thus, without peremptory lying; Lord,I could not chufe but do wickedly : I a&ted molt wretchedly, but I could not o- therwife chufe. Though it was not in thy power not to be $ Y P born in original fin, yet who necellitated thee to tom- C 2 nTit Rev t; 8 John;. c6. Id arum vos accurr, refpif cere non vuitis. i PreCuppo6- don noc to be mil'caken. Licit aliquie non po ttgrati- pt¡ci dui ram roa btatur d èp Peo ; tarnen quid in hoc vel illud peccatum li batur, trio eontingit : Uncle arbande tg, meritò fibi