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4 in cutpam impu- tatnr. flq. par.:. qu. ad Atr. 3. refp. 23. Arg. t erti- um . 2. Prefup. 3. Prefup. Wilfull Impen itency mit fuch grofle afuall fins? In Prov.1.29. they hated knowledge, they did not chufe the feare of the Lord. They did not ufe any liberty of will to , chufe that which was good. What, was it becaufe they could not ? no, for albeit they could not, yet that was not the caufe : No, They would none of my counfell, they delpifed all my re- proofe,v. 3o. Marke ; The reafon why they did not chufe, was not becaufe they could not chnfe, but be- caufe they would not. Its true, God doth not give them power to beleeve, and to be renewed : but can they fay, Though I would ferioufly, God would not? were they able to fay thus? Though I delired it heartily, God would not give me grace ; then they had fome colour to cart it upon God: I would, but God would non--But-they cannot caft it up- on him. How often would I have gathered thee together even as the Hengathereth her chickens ?but thou wouldit not. I would, laid God; but you would not; nay, How of- ten would I but you would not ?(2'fat.23. 37. Though God be not fo willing as to give them all power:to beleeve and be faved ; yet he is aforehand with them. Its true,if the wicked fhould wil as far as they are able to will, yet their will were not able full out; but this doth not excufe them, becaufe God alwaies refolved to be aforehand with them. Indeed, as in Mat.z5.29. God gives his fervants this rule by which he ever goes to- wards them, nto every one that hath, Jball be given, and he Jbal have abundance ; fpeaking of things in eodem gene- re. But to apply it to a man in the flare of nature, is to fay, Grace is given according to workes: which is the very dreggs of Pelagianifme. Yet however, all this is a moll encouraging intimation. Let any man ufe the power that God gives him, and he fhall have more; as he that takes paines for Learning: As he that ufeth meanes to increafe his eftate,may find in ordinary providence,thatthe hand of the diligent makes rich. He that ufeth a penny well, makes it two pence ; hee that ufeth two pennies very well, makes it a groat. So