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the grof feti Self - murder. So that, though there be not fuch an Infallibilar nex- t, that God hath bound himfelfe in the ufe of our natu- rall abilities to add fupernaturall graces ; yet undoubted- ly he will never be wanting to promote any good wo rke, till men neglelf or contemne. And this leaves men wholly without excufe, and fhews,it is not their cannot, but their will not, which betrayer them to their fpirituall to f fes ; namely, their Wilful/ rejetting of Gods gracious of eri. Its true, God gives the wicked but one Talent, when he giveth his children foure, two at the leaft ; but they cannot fay, he is auft ere, reaping where he fowed not, gathering where he ftrewed not. No, There's the fame proportion between one Talent, and gathering one more, as there is between two, and the gathering of two others &c. You know that they are ready to complain, as Chrift thews it in the Parable. Lord, I knew that thou waft an hard man, reaping where thou haft not fown, and gathe- ring where thou haft not firmed : But ye remember alto the Lords anfwer, Thou wicked and flothfull fervant, &c.Mat.25.z6. Marke; he calls the blame upon his wilfulnefe, that he would not take pains.for to trade. So the wicked complain, Alas, God hath not fown any power of conver/ion in my heart, and will he look for to reap it? This isauftereneffeand hardnefe of dealing. Oh thou wicked and flothfull fervant, &c. Why didit thou not trade with the Talent that I gave thee? One Talent fhould beget one, as well as two beget two, &c. But I gave thee Wit, and thou buriedlt it in the earth, and haft bin earthly with it. I gave thee knowledge, and thou haft hid it in the earth,and not traded for refor- mation according to it, &c. Alas,thou canft not plead a cannot, but only a will not. Its true, that if one wicked mans will be more willing then another, it is not from himfefe ,but from Cod. For what haft thou that thou haft not received? a Cor. 4.7. Its God that maketh one wicked man to differ from another in 4. Prefup, 5. Pre('up. r Cor.5.7.