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Wilfrall ImPenitency z.Argu. Tametf impor fibile erat dais converti per externam pradicationem Evangelii, abf- que pradetermt- nante gratia : quia tarnen ob- duratioreserant ludai propriâ malitiâ quant Tyrii QJ' Sido- nii, idcirco d fcrutatore cor- dium corripiun- our. Doli.Prid.left. de med.Ícient. p.6q. 3.Argu. fins of ?eroboam ; that were enough flubborneffe, one would thinke; but ye mull fuffer the grove alto ? Re- forme nothing? no, not the grove under your face? See how God girdeth their wilfull fecurity, that they would do no more good then they did;not fo much as cut downe that grove? fo many warnings, and threatnings, &c. and yet thegrove alto ? yet thy filthy Tongue, thy covetoufneffe alfo, &c. not only keep thy other lufls, but thy profaneffe alfo ? Secondly, becaufe otherwife there were no roome for praife nor dis`raife. If a man could 'do no more good then he does, nor fhun no more evill then he does, then no man could be praifid nor difpraofed ; you know that wicked men and women may do many commendable things, at leafs more commendable ones then others : Does not our Saviour difcommend Bethfaida and Cora - zin in comparifon of Tyre and Sidon ?Woe two thee Cora- zin, wo unto thee Bethfaida; for if the mighty works Which have been done in thee, had been done in Tyre and Sidon,they would have repented in fach`eloath and afbes, .tath.rI.zt. Might not they have !hewed fo much repentance at the leaft ?could not they have put onfackgloth on their loyns, and powred afbes on their heads, if they would ? they might have done fo much at the leafs ; and honoured the workes and preaching of our Saviour with an out- ward honour at the leafl. You that-have fuch abundant teaching as ye have, ye might honour the Gollrel with fume outward honour at the leafl ; that would be fom- what commendable ; which moll of you will not. Thirdly, becaufe otherwife, there would be no roome for the fWord of the Magiftrate; if a man could omit no snore f n then he does, then what meanes our Pillories and Gallowes, &c. and !other punifhments upon Ma- lefaetors ? will any man be fo vain as to fay,Achan could not chufe but take the Raijlonila Garment? certainly, he might have let it alone, if he would; lass he haft was thou table bledut? fayes7,9*m/ ofb.7. 5. to