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20 Wilful! Impenitency S.Argu. Infuperabiliter movet, quamuts fit a refs- ffentitia. take it of ; but he is the more inexcufable, becaufe his will is then double. Fifthly, A wicked man can do more good, [mac. for a godly regenerate foul may avoid more fin then he does. Though God have freed him from the slavery of fin, and he is become the fervant of righreoufnefre, Rom.6. r 8. ne- vertheleffe, they may do more good then they do, and avoid fin a great deale more then they do; What man will fay, that David could not otherwife chufe but com- mit that adultery which he did, and that murder which he did ? I appeale to your confciences, ye fouls that are godly ! When ye pray, Forgive no our Treffiaffes, do not ye acknowledge withal!, that ye have been wanting to the grace of God ? Do not ye confefle it with flume, that you have given way to fundry temptations that by the grace of God ye might have overcome? And that ye have omitted many a good opportunity, that by the grace of God ye might have made ufe of ? I deny not, but God does irrefiftibly convert his Bled at the first, and infallibly carry them on to the end, for the maine ; but in particular aEiions he does not fo : but though their wills be now free by grace, yet they may freely fin, even then when they obey; and freely obey, even then when they tranfgreffe; and fo they are forced to confeffe they might avoid more evill then they do, and do more good then they do. Againe, ell wicked man may do moregood then he does, and avoid more evill then he does; I prove it by indutlion upon his confcience, By thefe Particulars. Firft, for the outward ails o f f n in the members ; thus all profaneperlons, drunkards, &c. yee are all convin- ced undeniably in your confciences, thefe are fins in the very outward members; voluntas ell- domina membro- rum. Can yee fay, yee cannot paffe by an Ale - houfe when yee turn in ? ye cannot come unto Sermons ? your owne Legs they fhall judge you. Can you fay, you cannot give over your oathing and lying ? &c. your owne