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loMb the gro f fet Self - murder. 2I owne Teeth and Lips fha11 judge you, &c. If you do not root out thefe fins, its without doubt becaufe ye will not. The Lord hath made all the outward man at the command of the will, and therefore if the outward man be out of order, 'tis becaufe yee will ; cç, ers év Àoy7w ó71 év Tell,av7ov 'xo, tìv óúva(.KU71-01g0W, (ayes Chryfoft. Let no man fay, I have but one Talent, and I have no power to be good ; a Talent hath power to go for a Ta- lent,and 02 d. for a fhilling ; and if it do not, 'tis becaufe yee will not. Haft thou not power over thine owne out- wardmembers vouchfaf d thee of God ? the Lord in mer- cy lets thy will have a di1 oticall power over thy mem- bers, as theMoralios call it; and why canft thou not bridle them ; as Chrift laid to the Officer that fmote him, If I have fpoken well, why fmiteft thou me ? Joh. r 8.23. couldft thou not have held in thy fingers ? Thou art in- excufable then for all thy profane fins. Secondly, Thou haft naturals affebtions in thee, and by them thou mayeft do more good then thou doff, and Assn more evill then thou daft. Thus all civili Profeffors are left inexcufable. Cann thou not get more ffriflnef e of walling, though not for love unto God,yet for loveunto thy Idle? be more frequent in good duties for hope of Heaven and for fear of Hell ? that's better then nothing ; better do them fo, then not at all. What cannot a man do forfelfe -love and for feare ? there is never a duty of Religion, but a man may every day do for love unto himfelfe, and for fear. God bath left thefe affeliions in, thyfouleonpurpofe. I know this is not enough; but what of that? Why don thou not go fo far as thou may- eft ? what aileth thee that thou cano not tame downe thy pride forfeare of Gods judgements ? and bridle thy bafe pallions for feare of Hell ? It is not unknown, that God hath vowed to deoroy all the workers of iniquity. 'Tis not unknown,that he hath prepared Hell for fuch as thou art,as long as thou liven as thou don Thou know- en this is true,and thou knoweft god wil be as good as his word Amor fui ipftus eft objeo4um mot;vum ; at Amor Dei ipfi- na eft tantúm objec'um fermi. nativum.Amer.. Caf. Conf. de Char. erga De um.