Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

48 Wilful! Impenitency any of you all;what ¡hall I do Lord; (ayes Saul? he would fain have fpoken with God there. No, no; go to A- nanias, &c. if thou wilt not Peek him in his way, thou art well ferved ifthou miffeft him. I befeech you confider this point, you can never look to be Paved, except you'! fet your felves to do what you may ,and aft all thofe means that you may ; for though the ufe of the means does not fave you, yet they are the way ; though not caufa regnandi, yet via regni ; and if you will'not confhantly aft them, you can never have his Kingdoms. Reafons of ir. Firfi; becaufe Heaven is an end, and an end can never begotten without means : the end is eternal! life, Rom. 6.22. eternall life is an end, and therefore except the means be all ufed, you can never attain it. Secondly, God bath annexed it to the means ; all Heavenand Earth can never feparate them ; either ufe all the means that God hath appointed, or elfe he hash' decreed it ye (hall never be faved. When he hath once appointed thefe and thefe (hall be your means, thefe ¡hall you ufe for't, ye ¡hall never be faved without them. When God bath appointed their abiding in the fhip a means of their efcape, you ¡hall fee what Paul fayes, Except thefe abide in theJhip, ye cannot be faved AE?.27.So'tis for Heaven,except ye abide in the means,ye cannot be faved. Thirdly, Everyfoul mufh give an account before God how he bath ufedthe means, Whether he hath ufed them all, yea or no- And according as the account is he can give, fo fhall his judgment be; God hath fworn this. eAs I live,raie-h the Lord; God bath pawned his own life upon this, that thus it fhali be. ills I live, faith the Lord, every. knee Jhall how to me, and every tongue Jliall confefs to God, every one of as all 'hall give an ac- compt unto. God, Rom. 14. rr, r2. every one ofus,God will