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W°rkesofinerciem°áengni'., the firftSonday in Lent. Serm. red after in iudgement. / thereforemanyPhylòfophers were ofopinion,That all thepower ofthe Gods were not able tomool,ie it from it'splace. But becaufenothing isimpofïible vn- toGod andhis omnipotent power, theScripture almoft ineuerie place faith, Thatthe 1Ieauen,theearth,and thatwhich isvnderthe earth,and allthe firme- neffe and ftrong foundation thereof; are mooued , andfhake and tremble at the twincklingof his eyes. If thentomooue the Earth (which is a deadthing, and which cannetmake refiftance,nor contradiáión) bee onelytheBlazon and Cog- nifance of God ; What á thingthen is it, tomoouethis liningEarth,which en- ioyes it'sowne libertie, and may out ofit's ftubborneneffefayvntó God, I will not. But admit it Mould fay, I will,themiracle is noleffe,but ratheramanifeft tokenof Gods diuine powerand omnipotencie. It is likewife tobenoted, That all the entrances which our Sauiour Chrif); made,were with agreat dealeof noyfeand clamour. In that firft whichhe made in theworld, Hagggieprophecied,That heMouldturne theHeauen and the Earth topfi-tu uie. And Gód didperforme it,vfing as his Inftrument therein,the Em- perour 0eiauiantee vluguftue. In thatwhich heemade into Ægypt,hedid trou- bleall that Kingdome, bythrowing their Idolls downeto the ground ,as it was prophecied byEfyas,Commouebunturfmulachra .íEgypti : SodothProcopiae de- clare ir, Eufebiue,.tebanafiur,and Saint Auten : But fay, That in thefe his entran- ces there was ageneralimotion , yet was there not a generall obedience. But here Commotaeft vniuerfCiuitae: TheGreeke faith,Pelutterra motu concuffäfuit. As if it had fufferedanvniuerfal earthquake ; there was neither old man,norwo- man,nor child, &c. Thisisagreat encarecimiento , or endeering of thematter. Firft, Becaufe our. Sauiour preaching about theCities and Townes of that Kingdome, theEuangelifts deliuer vnto vs, That allth Inhabitants that were in thofe parts,left theirhoules and their villages emptieand forfaken,andonly for to followhim. S.Marke,he faith, Et cerrueniebant ad earnvndique, vt tam»an Kit manifefte int sire in Ciuitatem,fedinDefertra loci(e t. And Saint Luke, That they troadoneanothervnder foot, and crufht thebreath out of their bodies and on- ly to prefie toheare him ; ¡tavtfemutmòfufocarent. But it istobefuppofed,that many likewife ftaid at home , but inthis his entrance into Hierufalem God wouldhaue this lot to light vponall,and thereforeit is laid"Wharfs Ciuitae,The whale Citie. Secondly, ïn regard of the infinite number of Inhabitants that were in that Citie; which (as Plinie reporteth) was inthofe dayes the famoufefl in all the Eaft : And,ina manner, all thofe that hauewrit thereofmake mentionof' foure millions of perfons. lofepbae relateth; Thatthe Prefident ofSyria beeing deli- roux to renderanaccountvntoNero, of thegreatneffeof that Commonwealth, diddelire of the high Priefts,that they wouldgiue hima true note ofthenum- ber ofthofeLambs which theyfacrificed oneSabboth,whichwere afterwards eatenby feuerall companies andHoufholds, fome confiningof ten,fomeof15, and fome, ao foules; and they found,thatthey did facrilce at enerie one of thofetheir folemneSabboths,twohundred fiftie fixrhoufand and fine hundred Lambes ; which,according tothe rateof.fifteene perlonsinacon panie,amount to foure millions and fine hundredthoufand. But withall,it is to benoted, that neither theSickenor the childrenwereprefent thereat. Buthere, vninerfaCimi- tae, ThewholeCitie came,fomeout ofpalfionand fomeout of Thirdly, For that our Sauior Chriff was alreadié condemned todeathby the Chapter houle ofthe Clergie, whohad calleda Conuocation , to fend out Sergeants Hag. t . The greatnes ofthgic Sacrifices.