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1b6The pówerfulneli'e of ( Chc;¢cpreaching. On the Tuefdaÿafter xterem. 4. codemakiy drcbcd ro&. r r.1 Serjeants and Souldiers for the apprehendingof him,and had.publifhedProcla= marionsof rewards tothofe that fhouldbring himboundvnto them:that then, and at fuch atime the whole Citie fhould receiue himwith Songs and acclama- tions of King,Meffias,andGod (being aprofcribed man,and doomed to death) mutstio dextri excelfi,This muan alterationwhichcouldnotproceeddutfrom the moft High. Commotaeft rvniuerfa Ciuitas. The wholeCitie wasmooned. Ierufalem had bcene long fettled in it's vices, Yifitado raper virosdeixns infordidas furs, Moabrequieuit infecidus fais, I will fearch Ierufalem with candles , and punifh the men that are fettled on their lees,&c. And asthe wife Phifitions flirre and trouble the humours, cauCe loa- things andgripings in the flomacke; fo our Sauiour Chrift in thebruit ofcue- rie one caufèth a fqueamifhneffe of the flomacke bymoouing and furring thofe foule dregges ofGnne wherewith they were corrupted. Et commuta eft vniaerfa Ciuitas. Many olddifeafes are woont to be curedwithfome fudden paflion , as offorrow, or fearc,or by fome great andviolent vomit; for euerieone of there accidents makeapaufe inthe humours , anddetain the fpirits : An Ague hath been feen tobe put out of his courfe,andquite taken awayby the fudden draw- ingofafword vpon the Patient : and a Palfey driuen away with the fight ofa mans enemies AndHoracetelleth vs, That acouetous Mirer was receutredofa great Lethargic,by the Phyltionsfeigning that his heires werecarrying away . his bagges ofmoney, and the Chefts whereinhis Treafure lay: In like manner, in the infirmities of the Soule, oneturbation,one difquieting; one breaking vp of thofe Chefiswhereinour finies aremarled vp, may bee the recouerieofour perdition. Thismade Dauidtofayofhis Soule, Sanacontritionseius,gaia corn- muta eft, OLord, my Soule istroubled withinme , whenI confider the foule-. neffeofmy finies ; it is fad and melancholy for the verie griefe thereof; it is muchdifquieted : And therefore (ó Lord) SAM contritionesrims, affoordniethy helping hand, for it is now hightime to cure me of my fore. oisefJhic ? Who is this ? This was a queftionof theenuious and appaffionatedPharifees : Howbeit it feemeth to °risen, That it fhouldproceed from fomegood honeflpeople, &c. Howfoeuer, it was a queftion, whereunto nomancould fullyanfwer : put The- ologie, the facred Scripture, the Doctors,the Saints, the Councells, the Arts, the Sciences, and all the Hierarchies of Angelis, pelt them all (I fay) together, andput this queftionvnto them, andafter that theyhaue faidall they can fay,all willbe too little to fatisfiethis demandofHuis eft hic? Whois this ? One of robs: friends treatingof theMaieftieand greatneffe of God, and how incomprehen- fibleathingitwas,faith,ForftanvesiigiaDeicomprehendes? Etvfqueadper/ilium ommyotentern reperies? Canft thouby rearchinsfindout Godsfootfteps ? Canf4 thonfend oat the Almighìievntoperfellion ? By the trackeofhis footfteps,he vnderflandeth . thefeinferior things that areguidedand gouernedbyhis prouidence ; And by perfection,which isthe headofall, the highneffe ofhisWifedome.In a word, Inall God is altogether inueftigable in regardofhis heigth,the Heauens come fhortofhim, Excelftor cola eft ; feethen if thoucanil reach vnto hint. Which confiderationmade Saint Außento fay, That God isnot onely prefent inearth, which ishisfootfloole, and inHeauen,which is hisThrone ;but inthofewhich aretobe immaginedelfewhere. Howthencana thoureach vnto him , beeing more