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Gods maieftie not to be defcribed. the first Sonday ihLent Seri. 7. 10 7 moredcepe than Hell, longer than the Earth , and broader than the Sea God thareforc beeing on the one fide fo embowelled in and beneath the Earth ; and onthe other,fowholely out of the fame, (as Saint Hilarie prooueth it, laudb extrafuper omnia, & interims in amnia ;) How can hee fully know all, that is in Heauen, in Hell, in the bowells of the Earth, or inthebottome ofthe Sea? Many perhaps cannot giuea fullanfwer to this;but the Pharifees,hadthey not beene blinded with enuie , might haue contented themfelues with that of c*tofes, For he bath written of me ; or of Ezechiel, who did prophecie ofhim, That he was the King and Sheepheardof Ifraell ; or ofJahn Baptift, who poin- ted him outvntothemas it were with the finger ; or ofhis Workes andMira- cles, For they bare witnefe of me ; ofthe Father, whoproclaimed him in Ior- togs. s. dantobe hisSonne ; of the Deuils ofHell,who with open voyce acknowled- ged him to be the Sonneof God ; of the littlechildren, who cried our, Hofan- na to the Sonneof Dauid, blef edis he that commeshin thename of theLord. Isis eft hic ? Who is this? Diuers and fundrie times Chrift had entred into whether Hierufalem,and they had neuer askt this queftion before : but now the triumph irk lifeóßb and the Maieftieofthis King awakens the tongues ofthefe enuiousPeople,who a lick ltf now begin to aske, uu eft hic ? It hathbeene an antient queftion doubted of,of old, Which is the better life, that ofapub lique, or aprivate perfon Seneca in anEpiftle of his,feemeth to fauour the former ; Miferable(faith he)is that mans fortune who bathno enemie to enuiehim. And Perfius faith, That it is a great glorie to haue men point with the finger, and to fay, Theregoes the Kings Fa- uourite. But lob, hee feemeth to likebetterof the latter, o , that lhadgi- iobto.tist9. Hen vp the ghofi, andnoeye hadfeene me : would1hadbeen as though rhadnotbeene .: and that I had beencarriedfrom thewombe to thegroue. Wiflúng himfelfe to haue been of that fhort continuancein theworld, that nomanmight haue knowne whither he had died or hued. AndHorace, Nequevizit malè,qui natos morienfque fefollit , His life let none bemont, who liu'd anddid vnkwowne. Both hues haue fo much to be faid on either fide , that the queftion remains yet vnrefolucd. But admit that a publike life be the moredefired, yet it is not the fafeft;for alwayes the more honour,the moredanger. Who is this ? Your greatPerfons, and thofe that profperin theworld, Carrie wherefoeuer they goe, fuch anoyfewith them, that they giue occafion to the People to aske, Reis eft hit ? JohnBaptifíwhen hee thundered out in theDefert,. (clad inCamells haire) That theKingdomeof God was at hand ; iudging him to be force coeleftiall Monfter,theyPent outto enquireofhim, witha7aquis es r Whoart thou ? TheAngelis feeing our Sauiour Chriftafcend vntaHeauen with fuchadeale ofMaieftie and glorie as was neuer feene before ; began to aske, is esifte pi ventdeEdom ? who is he that commethfromEdam ? AndEfay fpea- kingofagreat Tyrants coinmingdowne to Hell, faith, Hellwastroubled at thy ramming. Inaword, it istruein nature, That the loftieCedars, and the higheft and talleft Pine Trees makethe greateft noyfe when they are fhaken with the wind ; and thegreateft Riuers thegreateftroaring : And thereforeit is no mer- naile theyfhould aske, Who is this?WhenaMerchant (hall goapparelled and at- teïided likeaKnight, orforce great Lord, andhiswife anddaughters like agreat Ladie and her children ; Whowillnot aske, Quisefthic? I knew his Grandfa- ther, &c. And for that the PharifeesWereenuious, they did fpeake reprochful- lyofour Sauiour,eueriefoot vpbraiding him, Thathewasa Carpenter,and the fonneof aCarpenter ;and feeinghitn now enter Iernfalem likeaKing,theyde- manded infcorne, his eFt hit ? Hic