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The truevreof Memorie. VponAfliwednefdáy. a=fir.aiatiot . `. sines. ram Tom.t.Serm.z. Evcb.=s. ra9'r.;. that her childrenfhouldefcape thisdanger, prints this in'theirminds, Terraer., earth thouart,&c. . It is well weighedbyRupertua,that after Godhad condemnedAdnttodeath, he beftowedvponhis wife the nameof Life,Matercunilarùmgentiam,i.Themo- ther ofalthe liuing.Scareehad God condemned him to punifhment,butheby-&- by Brews thathehad forgot it.And therfore did God permitthe deathof inno- cent Abel,to the end that in.46dhemight fee the deathofthebody,and in Caine the deathofthe foule,for toquicken his memorie.--FromAdamwe inherit this forgetfulnes, not remembring to daywhat we faw but yefterday;& the general defreofman ¡trines allit canto perpetuate our life,whichifitwereinour hands wewould neuer feedeath. But becaufetheloueof lifeiboùld not rob vs ofour memorie, and thatfearing,aswe aremortali, weemight couet thofe things that are eternall,feeing thatwalles, towers, marble,and braffemolder away toduff, we may euer haue in ourmemorie, c7vtementohomo,Remembermange. Manyholy Saints hauefilled the memorie,theftomachofthe foule,asGrego - rie,Bernard,Theodoret,Aullen,2(azianzen,&c..And God commanding Ezecbied, Thathe fhould notifie vnto his people certainthings that he had reucaled vnto him ; andcharginghim that hefhould rememberhimfelfewell of them,hePaid, Comede quacunque ego do tibi, i. Eatwhátfieuer Iglue thee..And inanother pLacehe commanded him thathe fhould eat aBook,wherinwerewrittenLamentations b Va.& c.Beingal metaphorsofthe Prophetshawing things in his remembrance. Which is morecleerelydeliueredbyfob, Nsinquidjapienr .replebitarbore(lamachú from ? i. WillawifemanJilhilflomachwith that heat thatAdborne6. confermehim ? Which isto fay,will he charge hismemorie with matters ofpaine &. torment r The proportionthen holds thus ; as theftomach isthe ftorehoúfe ofour corpo- railfood,andkeeping thereinour prefent meat, thebodie.takes from thence it's fuftenance, whereby itmaintains it's beeingand i.'s life: fothe memorie is the Magazinofthe foule, and fetteth before oureyesthe obligation wherein wee Rand, thegood.which we lofe,and the hurtw:':dchweegain. And reprefenting thereunto theeciesand fhapesofthings paft, they fomerimesworkethat effeei, asthey wouldhaue donehad they beene prefent themfelues; whence is, ingen- dred the loueof God,whichis thatgoodbloud wherewith the foule isnoun- flied. Andas from the diforderand difagreernent ofthe ftornach painful! difeá,. fesdo arife, and diuers infirmitiesto thebody ; fo fromthe forgetfulneffeofour memorie rife thofeofthefoule. Forwithoutobliuion (faithSaint 1141)ourfal- cation cannotbeloft, nor our foules health indangered. Ard as whenthefuel! andfire (hall fade mans ftomach,which is the ouenwhichboÿles&feafons our life,wemaygiue that ofthe bodies for loft : fowhenour memoriefhalfaile vs, we may giue thefoule for loft. Wherefore it is fit that eueryman fhould take this into corfrderation, tít emento homo,Remember man,&c; ; You haue heardbefore that the firft attributeofman is Obliujon ,: The fecond isbafeneffe andmiferie. InEzechiel the Kingof Tyre faid,Deusegofum, i. I am a God: but.hewas an- fwered,That hewas but aman ; that is,bafe,vile,and miferable. So Dauid, vr, foontgentesquoniam homines font , Let the tions know that theyaremen,i. bate; andvile. AndSaint Paul,Nonne homines On? i. Areyonot men ? When wefed amanfwallowedvp,fometimes inthe miferies of thebodie, fometimes of the folic weefay in the conclufion,Hee is aman: nowif in fieadofthegoldofthe Angellstherewasfoundruff, and thatfo finecloath as thar,wasnot without it's moaths, and that¡ncorruptedwoodwithoutit'sworm; Whatwill become of A z thofe