Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

Hypocrirle in Fatting. tob.ç1.;o. Of Fatting. VponAíhwednefday. profitto thy felfe. That Workeman fhould doe ill, who hauingbuilt a houle with anothermans Purfe, fhould goeabout to let vp his owne Armes vpon the Frontifpeece. &fiinianmade a Law, That nomafter-Workeman fhould fet vp hisname within the bodie of that building which hee made out ofano- thers coft. Chriftfets thee aworke, and wills thee to Fait, to Pray , to giue Aimes ; bur, Who is at the coltof this fo goodand great aworke God ; thou haftall thymaterials from him,the building is his,it is his Purfe that payes for all : giue the glol ie therefore,and thehonor thereofvnto him ; GIt riammeam alteri nondoh , i. I willnot sine myglorie to another. Content thy felfe with Heauen,which is promifed vnto thee ifthoudooft well,which is afuiftcient re- ward for any feruice thatthou canft doc. The third, That Fafting, Praying, gluing ofAimes, done onely for Gods fake, isofthat great price and eftimation, that it is ill employedon any other than God. And for that Godweighes all things in his hand as ina ballance, and knowes the weight ofeuery goodworke,and the true value therefore ; it grieues him thatthou fhouldft doe thefe good things for fo vile and bafe a (rice, and is forrie to feethee fo pooreand Ioolifh aMerchant , that thouwilt part wirh that which is asmuch worthas Heauento thee,for that which islet% than earth; towit,onely that the Worldmay fay, Such a one fafteth ; Why dooft thou thuscrucifie thy fleíh r Whydebarre thy bellie offood t Whybe- ing readieto die for hunger,dooft thou noteat e Why lift vp thy eyesto flea- uen forfoToore athing as towinne applaufe vponearth. Sterni lutumquaff au- rum, faith lob : thofeworks that are done for God,aregold;done for the world, durt. They layvp this their treafure in the tonguesand eyes ofmen, which is a theftthat bath neither lockenor keyvnto it. Thefourth, That Falling isa Plaifter for our wounds, a Medicinefor our Briefes, a Salue for our fines , and a Defence againít Gods wrath. But thou muff takeheedthat thou doe not make this Philter poifon ; thisMedicine frck- neffe ; this Salue a fore ; and this Defence, our deftruëtion. For where God bath a Church there the Deuill bath a Chappell ; and where hee throwes in feed, the otherwill fow tares.Nabotha SulliedofKingL,dchab had a Vine- yard inSamaria neerevnto theKings Palace ; the King had a mindvnto it ;Nis. both will not part with it : theKinggrowes fad, refufes his meat; lezabelcomes to fee him, makes ajeft of it; takes pen inhand, difpatches aTicket to the Go- uernors of that Citie, fealed with the Kings Seale, toproclaimea Faft;fub- ornestwo witneffes to fweare, Thattheyheard 7 bothblafpheme God & the King : the innocent Naboth is flonedto death, andhis goods confifcated . In which aétion there aretwo thingsworthie our confideration : Theone, That thecircumftanceof blafpheming God and the King vpona folèmne day of Fall, (as it isnotedbyVatabluc) was fogrieuous, that of force heemuff becon- demned todie forit, in fo great veneration was Falling in thofedayes. The other,That it feruedas a cloake forthe taking, away of the Vineyard, for the falfifyingofwitneffes, and injuflice in the Iudges. Who fhould haue then fene the People to fait, would haue thought it had beenedone out ofzeale, Gods honour,and a defire todoe him feruice. But it was meerelya trickeof the Deuils, which hee had plotted with himfelfe. Heethrewpoyfonvpon vertue, feeling todraweuill out ofgood. Weemuff therefore beware, leafI thefe our good aótions receiue hurt, by euillintentions. Like