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0f Hypocrifie. Vpon Afhwednefday> 5 Like Hypocrites. Hypocrifie runnesaqùite contrariecourfe to thefe foure points before fpe- cified,andçroffes the fame threeor foure manner ofwaies. Firft , It feigneth thegood which it hathnot. As theproud Man,Humility; the Cholericke,Patience; the Wanton,Honeftie ; theMifer, Liberalitie. This leger-demaine is that which bath more generally fpred it felfe throughmens brefts, being defirous that thebodiefhould ferue for thefoule , aspainting for the face, which beingblacke, makesit feemewhite. Thepainted linage ofdi- uers colours (whereof Wfidemefpeaketh) ftirreth vpinFooles akind ofplea- lureanddelight. This ftatnpe,thoughit be therefet vpon Idolaters , may bee trulyfet vponHypocrites,for thecomparifon will holdwell inboth. Hee that !hall trulyand fteddily looke vponthe face ofanHypocritc,lhallin him behold an Image flourifhedouerwith fundrie colours, but counterfeit andfeigned ; as thewhiteofChaftitie,the watchedofZeale, the redofLone. But this is but a dunghillcouered ouer withfnow.: theHypocrite fheweth teares in his eys,de- uotioninhis mouth,forrowfulneffe in his çountenance,aud mo tification in his flefh. Buthe is not theman he feemestobe : for the Painter, though hegiue the Varnifh oftheçolour,he cannotgiueheate,norlife 3 hee maygiue the likeneffe, but no: the truth ofa thing : he paintethfnowwhich isno: cold,fire whichdoth not burne, birds which doe notflie, beaftswhichdoe not goe : hee will paint a ,S.Hiereme with a (tone, butit (hall neuer hit him on the breaft ; he will paint a Saint Franciswith adifciplineor whip inhis hand which fhall neuer giue him fomuchasone (tripe orlathon the bodie : like vnto -that Statuewhich cmichel put into Data; bed,cladwith hiscloathes, which cofined theKing and thofe that camewithhim: Orlike vnto adeadman,which being beheld afarreoff fee-. meth tobealine; or vntoEzechiels Temple,whichwas fairelypaintedwithout; butwithin fullofabhominations. APainter, or aStatuarie framethaverieper- fed Image inthe exterior parts,but the PiEturedothnot enter into the fubftance - fir : ginnethwith thL iwi t f,.utS,i- ftf *fhioncrh Whereindif the heart,then it organeth &giueth life tothe other partsofthe bodie.Where- Bring from as feigned Repentance beginneth inthe outwardparts ofthebody; but true, in theinward partsofthe foule. Our Sauiour inthe Garden had firftgreat forrow inhis foule, and from thence that fweatofblondwas deriuedtohisbodie. The Faith. Hypocritehath the appearanceofaSaint,theapparel! ofa Saint; theplace ofa Saint,the figure ofaSaint,andnothing inhimwhich is not Saintlike : but like thofe Aflifters at Chriftsdeath, that had put on his cloathes : Heethat fhalIfee a common Hangmanwith Chrifts feameleffe coatevpon his backe,wiltakehim to bea fecondMeffias. When Jacobfaw lefephs coatdiptinbloud,thinking fome wildbeafthad deuoured him,he criedout, Tunicafilÿ mei efl,ferapeflimademons: nit eur, i.'Ti the-garment ofmyfan, forecruellbeafisbathdevouredhim. Excellent words befitting a Garment liketoour Sauiors Robes : itis the Robeofa Saint, butthere isno more but the Robe, the reftthat Beaft Hypocrifie hath deuou- red. leremie treatingof the Gouernors of hispeople, faith, That theylabored tofeemeSaints, but their wings were full ofthe blood of the Poore ;Inall ada issuentuseIifanguis Pauperum, i. TheblondeftbePoore wasfound inhswings. Now hevnderftandeth by thofe wings, the fpreadingpf thofe venerable vales or cowls whichthe Pharifees vfed. Againe, hee alludesvntothofewingsofthe H"í2.34 Eagle,a Birdofabeautiful) wing, butwhen you comenecre thereunto,you (hall feeit befpottedwith the bloodofthofebirds which the hath preyed vpon. In B z an