Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

God a Cure pay- mafter. VponAthwed-nefday. -Z1 nos Lutum,Thouartour Father,t weareClay; as they thaton theirpart hadmuch whereoftobe aíhamed,butonGods,much to glorie in, thathe wouldgiue the name of Sonne, to Durt ; And whoby his grace, ofDur>;,: makes vs Gold. And fomuch concerning theword Father. Whofeshinfecret. He hues hid from thee but notthou fromhim : for hee beholdeth with his eyes thy good feruices;and bath fuchanefpecialcareofthy wants,as if his prouidencc were onlyouer thee : andhe that Cooke pittyofthe beafts ofNiniuie,andof ilchabs humiliation,willnot eafily forgeta fon whome he fò much loueth,&c. Redder ttbi, i. Shallrecampencethee. Thisword Redder indeareth theworthines ofFatting ; Faft for Godsfake,and he wil pay thee. Whatgreater worthinetfe, than tomake Godthy debtor Shall hefee thee faft forhim,and ¡hall not he re- ward thee e others rumie ouertheir debtsas ifthey didnòt mind them;and per- haps neuermeane topay them ; but God,Reddet.And therefore reade in Efay, That certain that hadfatted charged him with this debt,itiuriauimur, er on ale- xii,humiliauimusanima noftra,& nefcifli,We hauefafied,andthouhaft not regarded vs,weehauehumbled our f ales,andthoudidftnot know it.But he diíngaged himfelfe ofthisdebt,faying, I didnot tie my felfe to thefe Falls ; you continue in your wickedneffeas before,anddoeyeedeliire then a rewardforyour fatting r Santli- fïcatejeiunium, SanUifiea Fait ; accompanie your fatting with Prayer, Almes- deedes,and godlineflè, &c. For invaine (faith SaintGregOrie) doth the fleíh for- fakemeat,when thefoule doth not forgoefinne. Saint Chryfoflome noteth,That Godspardoning oftheNiniuites, was not onely fortheir fatting,but their new- aeffeof life : and the Text prooueth as much, PiditDominus opera_eorum , quia ccnuerftflintávitafuamala, i. TheLord f w their worker, that they turnedfrom their eseilllife. And inanotherplacehe faith, Thatthe honour of ,Falling confitleth more in flying Gnne,thanfood ; andthat he that fafts,and finnes,offersanaffront toFalling. Bernard faith, That ifthe Palate had onely finned,the Palate fhould haue onely fatled; but being thatalltheSences finned, it is reafon they fhould allfall. Saint Bafil,Hierome,and dmórofe treat at large ofthis argument. Nolite thefaurkarervobís thefauros in terra. Treafure not vp treafures to yam- fluesonearth. Becaufefome menmay doubt, whymen maynot treafure vpTreafures vpon earth ; Saint Hilarieby thefe trea- fures vnderftandethhumane glorie,which bee{tiledbeforeby the nameofRe- ward,Receperunt mercedemfuam, they receiuedtheir Reward. Andit agreethwell with that ofSaint Chryfofiome,who faith, That thedefireto treafurevp& grow rich,arifethnot fomuch from the daintineffe,thedelight, commoditie,&other blefhngs which treafures repreféntvntovs, as vaine-glorie. Why fhoulda man makehim beds ofgold, mightie huge cupboords ofmafhe plate, vnneceflàrie rich wardropes,and Armies(as it were)offeruants,feeing thefe neitheraugment his health,nor inlarge his life, norgiue him much the more content e Itis a fop- perieofpompe (faithSeneca) whofe ioy onely conffleth in ¡hewing it to the world. In aword, this idle foolifh pompe,is afirnewhich leadethmany anoble prifonerawaywithhim in triumph ; Angells,Men, Kings, Prelates, High, and Low : and, asThemar hath noted it,othervices carry awayalong with them the Deuillsferuants ; butthis,Gods.S.Chryfefîomecals it,Thepiracieofnoble Per- fons,& the Mother ofHel, which the peoplethand inrichethwith her children. Likewife , this treafuringvp,maybee vnderftoodofallmanner ofhumane goods : For ;II mendoe generally agree in a kind of Hypocrite; to wit, to feème Fray 5S. True failing. Greg.ia Egan. CbryfHama. deieiu nio. cbry fHom.;. kelp apse,. Ber. Ser.,4. Bal'. r,interva- ria, Hier.i>t c.58. Efay.&apif1. edcelas. Amb.Ser.33. tempore. The vanity worldly Tres furets Hitae.Canr,f. inMath. cbriffup.Epifi. ad Rotn.ed. Io. se>secEp.iro.