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Howriches foughmaybe '.VponAmwednefday. Mat. i; rb.f.2.4rt.t. ad a. ones, cone- toure(ïefot bidden. sera. deRemed f0`t' Ofgluing Alwie:. 'rat' "' Luc. t 2.3 3, Faith hath two wings, Fra ,'e' and A l me,,to lift her °p to Ilea ne,, Tob, 2. feeme that whichthey are not,&to promifc that which they doe not perforane: greateafure promifeth to our immagination great felicitie ; but the- en- Toying thereof difcoiiereth more deceites than content . And therefore Chrift aduifeth , That the hypocrifie ofRiches fliould not fteale away our hearts: ht calls itFallacia,Deceits, becaufeall Richesare but lies and cofenage. Thomar expounding that place of Eccleftaflicru,Pecunia obediunt omnia, Allthings areobedient to Monie ; fayes omnia corporalia , All corporallthings ; for fpirituall goodsare nottaken with earthly riches. Againe, that it is the Idoli of Fooles, whoknow noother good,nor God. Trea funginot vp toyourflues,&c. In the firft place,Aman is not here forbidden toencreafe his wealthby lawfullmeans : for betides that this is that generali occupationofthemenofthis world, Chrift our Sauiour condemned thefloth- full feruant thatburied his Talent;andalbeit all exceffe is thiskind is condem- ned, yet anhoneftmeanes is not reprehended. Diuitiasò-paupertatem nedederis mihi,i.Giuemeneither Riches norpouertie,faid Salomon; &peraduenture the Lord faid Thefauros in the plurali number, to inrimate,What fhouldaman do with fuch great Treafures forfo íhort a life e In thefecond, Hedoth not forbid fathers totreafure vp for their childeren ; for Saint Paul licenceth them fotodoe,Filj non debent thefaurizareparentsbus, fed parentes j s, i. Children are not to layvpfer theparents , butparentsfor thechildren. AndGod that ingraued inthe breit ofmarried men a defire of their Pofteritie, ingraued likewife adeliireoftheirthriuing ,andaugmentationofwealth. For it wereawofull cafethat aman fhould leaue his children tobegge their bread at othermensdoores : that whichis forbidden,is aTbefaurizatevobis,aheaping vp ofTreafure forthy felfeonely. For thatgood which God fo freely communi- cateth vnto thee, he doth not beftow it on thee for thy felfeonely : as God cre- atingcreatures in the earth,did notcreate them for the earths fake; fo he wil not thatthou fhouldeft treafure vp forthy felfe. The couetous manwould haueall tohimfelfe, inpunifhment whereofhe enioyeth itleaft ;Thefaurifat, & ignérat cui congregabit ea, i. Hefloreth vp,andknowes notforwham bee gathereth. The rich manhugg'd himfelfewhenhe faid, Habermultabona repo/ïta, in anuosplsirimas, i. Thouha/1muchgoods laidofformany yeares ;but hee huednot to eat a bit of that aboundance. Sic ell quifibi tbefaurifat, &non e/1 hues inDeum, i. So it is with him that layethvpfor himfelfe, andis not rich inGod. Which agrees well with that of Seneca,That acouetous man is not aman,but the cheftandbag that keepsmonie in it for othermen. Buttreafirevptoyourfeluestreafure inHearten, Thefaurizate vobis thefaurum in Calo,erc. This languageoftreafuring inHeauen, though it beecommon toall thevertues,yet the Scripturedoth efpeciallyattribute it toAlines. Our Sauior faid to theyoungman, Giueall that thou haftto the Poore, and thou fhait find treafure inHeaucn.And inanother place,Facitevobis facculas, qui nonveterafcunt, thefurumnon deficientem in eelor,c5takeyee Bagges which waxe not old. AndTobias councelling hisfonne,That he fhould giueAimes, eithermuchor little,accor- dingtohis meanes,addeth withall, Pramium enim bonum the furizas tibi in diene. ceßttaiis, He layethvp agoodrewardforhimfelfe again!! the time ofneede. And it is notedbySaint Bernard,ThatFatting flies vp toHeauen, withthe helpeofthefe two wings,Prayer andAlms ; Bonaell eleemo/ina cumjeiunio & oration, i. limes is,goodwithFafling andwithPrayer, faith Tobias. And Saint Gregorie,Thatit is not Fafting,toput that into thypurfe which thou fpareft,from thymouth ; butthat, while thoufafteft,the Poore maynot itarue. And this muff be done with Praier and