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88 The Deuillisall onthe fire Tongue p nego, there iffued forth a fiefh winde, and acooling breath, uafi venturo, roris flantem. God(faith Chryfoflome) can take from fire it's burning ; which is his proper effe&,and make it to giue light,and torefresh his children,as with adew. Mitte tedeorfum,fcriptumeft enimAngelisfuis,&t. Cafl tlyfefe downe,Ferit is rvritten,He willgiuehi Angelis charge otter thee. The Deuill hauing nowbrought our Sauiour to the topof thePinacle of the Tern, pie beeingconfidenttoget the conqueftof him , making vfe of thatplace of Scripture : fiat, wifhing him to throw himfelfe downe,and to relicvpon Gods preferuing ofhim ; for it is written, Angelisfiat Dew, &c. Saint Hierome, Saint vlmbrofe,Saint Bernard, andSaint Gregorie fay, That the Deuillneuer defires to fee any man climbe onhigh, vnleflè it bee for his greater deftrue ion Foras he fell down like a thunder-bolt, fo doth he delire to haue all men elfe to fall as he did, and that their finnes may throw themheadlong downe to Hell. Which is one efpecialleffe l of his pride ; according to thatof Danid, Dejecifliea,, darn eleuarentur ; (or extollerentur,as Saint Auften readeth it.)Thoudidfi call themdowne, whit they were liftedvp. Eft aliquidhumilitatis,&c. There úfomewhat in humilitie, whichin a.wonderfullmanner lifieth vp theheart ;and famewhatinpride,which cafaith it dawn. It is a miracle, that Pride andHumilirie fliould euermeet. Saint Bernard faith, That at the foot of the Croffe the Deuill did repeat the fame lef- fonagain, Si RexIfrael efl,defiendat de Grace, If rhos: be Kingof lfraell, come downe from the Croffe ; As though hehad forgot the flame that Chrift had put him to before. Cafl thyfelfe. Thou canft do nothing withoutthy felfe,againfl thyfelfe: thou muff putto thyhelping hand; 2jnfaluabit te,fine te,nec?trdet te,fine te. Whence it is tobee noted, Thatheenot onely pretendeth the holieft thatis , fhould cat} himfelfe headlongfrom the Towerof Good workes,but hethat isfeated on the Pinacleof the Temple,andin the higheftdignitiein theChurch. Itis a lamen- table cafe, that the Prelate, the Prieft,and the Preacher,fhould be put to thispe- rill.,9,utsmedebitur I>cantatori,á Serpentepercuffo ? Who ¡hall heale the Inchanter that is woundedby the Serpent r, Hebathgiuenhis Angelschargeotter thee. The maindrift ofthedsy{I is,toflatter and booth vs vp,that hemay facilitate ourfallito fingfweetly vntovs,toinchant vs like the Syren : op einsficusfiflula aris, lob faith, That his bones (bywhich hevnderftands his ftrength)are Flutes, not ofReede,like thofeofMida's, bµß of Braffc, which found more fweetly. With thefe hevpholdshis Empire,and fowcstheWorldwithHerefies, Moorifmcs; and Paganifines,; andHell, with damned Souks. Theyare Pipes that makeftrangeconfonancies 'withourincli, nations,and worke more powerfull effects, than thofetonguesthat are tipswith the eloqucnciesofall theTullies,Demoflhenefas, and fpuil:ins in theworld e Whichis butanargument oftheweaknes oftheirhands, whenalUtheir ftrength lies in their Tongues. Your weaken influences_ (,fay your Aftrologers) rnfi(t vpon theTongue. Woman(who is the emblem ofweakeneílç)hath hergrea- reif force andftrength in hertongue: Your Ruffians, and filch as are fwaggering fellows,haue more tonguethan hands, but they thatare truly valiant,hauemorn hand thantongue, theyknownot what the tonguewanes. TheRomanSouldit ers drewaHand for theirDeuice.Ìn the Scripture the Hand fignifiethFortitude; Manuscites adhucextentaeft, fo fayes Efayof God. The Deuillthereforebeer all Tongue, it followeth,that hemuff neceffarily be averie weakecteature.Saint Peter callshim aLyon, notbecaufe he deuoureth,butbecaufeheroares: Sothat all