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A Chronology. A"'w Emp. of Popes of KingsOf Archhi- ~grandcaufeofeiolbnotprofperingtheChritliansincheirWarsint~ Vol.r. Chri~i Germ1111J R.t;m(. EngiRnJ lhops of H~!y-Land, was the Chriftians adhering eo thc:ir Malfes, and other fi1pcr- Page. 12 5 3 f::;.tf.- Mc;~:r~~~~::~3 ~:.f~~JXlWldlandprr ammm, mufimakethc King a 332 T~iJ:otr~:z:,e:~::;;~ro1t~~~~~fcd~~~~~a~~:tbe~:t~(~~ 368 ll55 Altunttr the 4th. 1257 1259 u6o urb~n the 41b. u62 u63 ll64 1265 Clt!lltlll lhc<Jt6. andcaftoutofrheChurch,forhisopcnplamrcbukmgrhePopeinhislifc time, to the po.1fting of. him into a .~rat tcrrour of~nfcic:,~cc:, fo rh~t the Popt:fttmcdtof«:aBifllopinaVihontofayuntohnn,.Arjftwretcb,and ,ometojuJg,m~nt. The Kings great c:xpences in his Voyage to V11fo/)1J makrs him put many Ta-xrs 1rpon hisSub_i(Gts, chiefly on the Church-men, who being wont toreceiveTithd:frorn,:uenO\VmadetogiveTithrsto theLaiety.Vol.r. P·369.C.2. POJX Inmumtdics. 368 Grcat di!fcntionarifeth betwun Boniface Archbifhop ofCanmbury, and the CanonsofLitxo/naboutrhedghtofgivingPrebendfhips. rn:~i~iof~a:~~~~~~fY~rf!~j~~~~i~e;:in ofhan~ing. w,JurGra] Archbifhop ofr~r.t with fupafiitious excdlive falling, ktlled himfdf. A'Jnu&llingintoa Privy at TnPhbury u~ S11turJaybdng the ]tWs ~~~~~~~~~~~S;b~~hrn;;=z!j~~o~u~/o~;~~~~;~~; fuJfcrhimtobetakntout,andfohediedintheDung. The King entri~ inro Franu,required the rdiitution offuch Lands in ~o,.. i:itfr~~d h{~ou~~of~~~=i~~: ';~~~~e~~~~~ ~~~~;! ~~~:~~~~~~~~~: P.369.C.2, A gr~t contention is at O:if_crJ between the Scholars. Tot~~~:a~h ~~;~t;:t~i~~~z;~:.attbtw Pmi,leavingat the fioryof 369 The King giv(S Licence to plant an Univerfity at Nt)rthampton, and writtS totheMag!fuattSofthatlown courceouflytointreattheScholarswhen 371 they came. The Ki11g gtts from the Pope a releafe of his Oath wherein he had fwom to fo~St2tlJttSatO;,cfwJ. The Rmg renues his rtleafe from his Oath, by this Pope UrPano J)Z The Barons combine to maintain the Statutes of Oxfwd. An agreement is ma~e bctwan the King and the Noblts. J'l 3 ~~~j!::~~~t!O:~~b~~ ~~ :~:'Kr~~'; with Oin~ long...bowsaild crofs.bows, doing much hurt, but at length are beat~n, flain,andmadetoRy. A Battt:l fought ~t - Z...Wil betwttn Kh~g Henry 3· the &rons wi_n thefidd, anddotakt:Rich•rJ:Kingof.A/tmnu,K.Henry'sBrother,andhisSon,who 375 Th~:o~r:s~~"fra~:~manandhadchildrm. Then he wasth~ French Kings Chanc~llor. After his WivtS death he was made Bifhop f:"g~~ti"~: After that ArchbifhopofN,rbon. AfcaGardinal, and 377 Tl»mM .AquinM flourifheth about this time, and B@aVmttut. A fo~m ofpeace is drawn between the Ki1~g and his Barons, whmin the Kmg promifeth much reformation of thtngs in Church and Common· 379 wealth. K.Hmry the third writes to OxfwJ Sheriff again!l an A!Tembly _or Meeting of men, who tamed the~fclves Harlots. It is probable that th1s was Come pretmfed•Orda ofRelig10n; and that from it came the reproachful name of Harlot. Difft:ntion arifeth between Earl SimotJ and the Earl of Gloufhr, they light aBattel,and>Simonandma.nyofhislidcareflain. 380 The King being in the cuflody of the Barons is now rdl:ored to his Re· K~!Z·rtb dtatt confinned, that they that had lofi their Lands by Attain· 381 der,(althoughnot yet attain~ed) thouldfinethc:reforeat thc:Kingsplc:a· furt",;mdtake themofthc:Kmgagain. The King befitgeth the Cafile of Ktnelworth, whither repairs Oflobrmus the Popt5 I..tgat, alld by his pafw.a{ions Ht1rrJ lJAjfings tha_t hadJvaliandy keptitagai.n:l\theKing,yidds!ttothc:Klng, pardon being granted to him,ofLik,Lands,Goods,&c. The Barons fortifiethe Ula of FJJ, and afttr that UmJon againfi the King. Ptaet concluded between the King and theNobles. Pri~~~~:::~hec~~~s:ka;~:~i~:~~J!.,~J;J:!ingdoms take 382 Bonifact Archbi{hop being dead, the Monks of Camtrbur; agree upon 1hc: · Prioroftht"irHoufeAJamChtlenJen. The King and his Son EJward intreated theMonks tochoofe Robert Burnt /, Prio~ Chelmden elt:d, and not admitted by the K. gots up to Rmrr, there: cominues 2 ycars,and at Jafi refigns up his Eled:ion to Pope Grtgory,who gaveittoR.KilwarP;.