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A Chronology. ;,;;;,;-~f King~~f· Archbi- The great ~cordancecam.::forthabout thistimebyanEnglifo Frier,callcd Vol.1. Chri{li of Germ. Romr. E11fla11J (hops of John Dtrmr~gton. Page 1272 Canur- Wh~eas the other Princes t~at w~nt to the H?tr Land,tfp«ially the Frmch, l11ny. d1d take mony of tht lntidds, m(lc:u.l of ~1vmg them blows, Prince Ed1301 smdifl thetnh. Cltfll~.t thesth. e;;,J''· ~~i~~::\~z~~:::;~";;~~~.:'d.!~,~:t ::\:l,11 i!~~")·;,::t:~7~·;~f. Pope GrtgorJ the Tenth ells a Council~t Lions about the comrovcrfie btnvecntht'Gruk.ChurchandthcLatmChurch. 385 ~J~;~J :17; ~r~~~ t~~ ~f~;;~r;c;~~%ft.~l;~r~; Vaftonia, when his Father ~:~·aff'J;r;~:~~;~,f~1~,i~~~~;;1n:~1;2~};·cnA:g::c~~hew~~~~~;~:j 386 r.qt,uherafltheLanJstbarbdongtJumo:r. ThiS K. had much ado with ff7_fllu., but at l~ngth Ctltsdown thei r Woods, (ubduc:d the Cow1try and thtn Kmg Lewlmc, and made his Son Prbll'C: ofWaks. The faid Ln!J/ine rebdling (as we faid) askedcounfcloftheConjurers what lhonld lx: the rvcnt; to whom it was anfwrred, that he lhou!d go fonv:ud boldly, for he !bould ride ~hroul?h Chtap with a Crown on his head, wasthusfu.lli.~led Hebeingfl3m his head wasc:mied through Cbtap w~th a Crownol Srlvu to Le11~m Bridge. ].Ptt+.c.. This Archbdbop Ptc1am, 1"tfiilcd the King in the right of libtrtits rrr.niH'ein!rd::: ~~\:~~ ~~:~~~:g~~d~;~:~~b~~e~tl~~~:: Y~f.~·. 1~~:~-dipping areexrcuted. Thegrta_tCond.uitinChcapbtgantobtbuilt. After thiS Pope Nic/Mim, the Stt of Rome was void two }'tars and three months, through thed.HTentionofthe Cardinals, before another Pope waschofen.Vol.t.p-3S9.c,2, The King of EnglanJ being proved by many ancio1t Records,to~chiefSo- 386 ''crcign ofScot/anJ, took full potfdlionof the fame; appointing the Crown to Jabn Baliol under him. 1/.,wbdtl· T his Archbifilop Wincbelfq much troubkd the King, accufing him to the p,. Pope. TheScotsrebe!againfiEngland. Of Pope Bonifacethe eighth, and Pope Ctlt.ftint, Vol.r.p.3S7. c.t. How he was thought to be the eighth Nero, and how with a Rad he fpeaks through a Wall inthe: night to Pope Nich!!IM (becaufc he was a mm bborioustoreformthcChurch) as ifitllJd brtnavoicefromH~vcnto giveovc:rhisBifhoprick; andfoatlafigathitnout,thcfameyearhewas POf\'". The K. of EnglanJ and. the Scot; have a great fight; but K. EJwarJ hath d1<:Vidory. The S"fj rebelling again, again arc fuppreiTed by the King, and made to fweartothcKingsAIIegeancc. 1l1is Pope BoniJ~Kt the Stb chaltrngtth of King EJwarJ the Kingdom of ScH/anJ, Jh~t;~~~~~~~ap~~~~t:~v~i~1~e0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;W:~: 3S7 audp.ehdentsfromAnno900tOIZ]O. thattheKingdomof $(0!1\\'JS thei{ingsofEng/anJ. P~ Btmiface the 8rh being offcndtd with Philip the Frmc_b King, tX- ~:~ k~~~h~:~herto;~~~ah~~;~i~~~~~y~:~~~~~K;,~,;fKh:t 3 8 9 ~~~:~~d.~-EdwarJ, rtfiorcd unto himV~fcont, wbtch he wrongfulty had. 6~~~d~~~:~e~~j;~~~t;~e~~ ~1jl;~ ~ ~f;;~;c~~~~~~~~;;ifau the 3 8 9 8rb. T he Popc thundringoutlusc.urfeofExoomn;unicauonagainfithc K. becaufe the King commanded htsl.tgat and a Brfhop (whom the Le-- gat got n::leafed, being imprifoned for a Confpiracyagaing the K.) todc-- PJ it our of his Realm. The King on the other lid.e calls a Parliammt,and makes a d.rdaration againft the Popes intolcrablewickcdncfs, and. an ap- 3 90 ~llation from. t!K: Pope to .a Gene~! Cow1eil. Thp~;:ra~~~hl~':t:i:~;:~t'~t;~'fac~.r:~~Tt~~T~il:n!u~~~ ~ 396 unbroken Colt to coudc up and. down wnh him,till the Pope was out of breath. ThisPo~,whatbyfcar,andwhathyforrow,d.ies, and PopeBmtJiEf the 397 tuhluccr~ To this Pope Ckmtnt, K. EJwarJ wrott divCJS Letters agalnfi R.Wincb. ArchbHhop. with whom he was much pcfierrd. This Pope Ciml('llt having provided firongly to ktcp the Emperor of GtrJ;:;{"=~ ~ i~t;rm~~~~o;~;:~ £~~r~;;;;1an~~~~~'t ;x~ ~~~~~;~~~rul!:ufe'J;~~X~{~;'~ffcr~~~~:korc~:~a~~:~~: R(lmt.