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'll' l AChronology. H~ ~1~~~t~f~~=~: :· The many wicked prac1ifes of Cardinal Wolfq, making men do penance for tating of fldb, abjures menforfpeakingagain!lth_cPoJX') V.2. p.~oS. SI!~;;&: c;:~d~~~~~:~;u~~~J~~!: tt~{;~;:~;~~l~ Army,. the King himfclf falling ofr his The Scnat~ an~ people of Btrnt m Helvetia a~poiut :mothCJ Dtfput:J.tiot_l,lxtwrtnthe Protdl:ants :~~~~~¥.~~~~~~~ Tl~~~~n1a~~'::::the year of their refonnation from Popery to true Rdigion, did ingrave the fame inapillarofbu(swirhgoklenknc:rS. ~i:~~.;~~z7;::adn:~:e1s~~~~;;;Sti~l i~:U:~;~iV.~~~~~·:92. PfJ:rick Hamfttun a Scot at St. Andrews in Scotland martyrc:d) V. :t. p.182: His excel\cntTreatifes, V.2. p.184. AChrillian 1ew martyred by the T11rk., V.l.. p.t79· lhme, Nicd[Dn, and RaimunJ, au~ tmde to abjure in London Dioctfs, V.2. p.26o, Tl~f~~ ::;e ~;c:~~uJ~c~~;£;~:h~1ia~!:~:~r;~r;~~;~h~1~,:,;~:c~e!~~;~ ~~~r~~~~~~ 76 onfoot inStrawburJ!.h:d(o. Sim:n: Fifh his ~k called Tht Supp(icati~n of Btggm, co~es to the Kings_hand, V.2_. p.u8. Cardm1l VVol[ty IS cafi out of the J\mg~ (a\'our, and fo bcgulS to fall, for hts delaying m matters touchingthcKingsMarriage, v.z.p.2o6,zo7, 208. H~~~;;p~;e~~~~~:~~~c~~icr~;~t~~-the fifth Emperor, and Deputy in GermAny, labours againft 17 Tobn Tewl:.sbury of LonJ~n martyred, v.2. 242. Now bega11 the name of Protefiants, from t.heir prolcfiing in Germtmy againft the tvil Decree of ~~tf:~;~~i~:~~~;;~::~;~;h849. Pa;ar;tt~:b~r;~if~.;:~'i;1 t/J:!"?J{:1;{o!o\.~g~.;~t·2~~ire, Kiuhm, Wegm, HAlt, are ~e~J~:;n1~~~~~-:~~ ':'T,:;z ;~~~;~~;~i!~~ ~;~:d~~k:1;2~~2a~~ expulfeth his other enemy Vaivoda, volr.p.849· r~:;Jl ~~~~r=~u~t,~;;f";~; ~~~~clfi!{!f the Proteftants tt\(re. 78 Tlnmas Hirtbn nurtyred at Maidjltmt, vol.2, p.210. . ']IJbn'tindal~ Wurfler, Stac;, Maxwell, Curfcn, Cornnvrll, and Philip, are made to abjllR in LcndbnDJ(>ee&, vol.z. p.26t. \Vj~}~gA~i1~twrenthe Proteftants and the jive Popi!h Towns of Switur/a.,.J, where Zuing· Ptaceiscondudedbetwernthem. . Oe~t::,~;"£~~ bting lick in body, and no\Y worfe by forrow of mimf, hearing of Zuinglius his 79 The trouble; of Thom,u Bilney, vol.2. p.1 11 . His learning to bum, by putting his finger in the Tb::~]t4~t~~~~~b~~2~tt:~~~:2~~~ · The troubles of 'John Frith, vol.2. p.250. His Martyrdom, fee Anno J 533· Tl»m~ Benntt is martyred in the lire, vol.z. p. .t6o. Th;a};;:~e~;;;;;, c;;1~';ed. ~:ff:,Ja;'t;:J, '~~i: ~';;t~tl~~;· ~~~"z;:;;:;or:;;,00th; two Smiths, RMP, Cbrij1opher, Nelfon, Evt, 1/udfon, fltwet, Kyry, Loblq, Lincoln, ;:::~~~~~:Jet~ :;;;~;:,~~~lh'l:~ ~~~ a~';;,~%J,'~~o~~;~J1~i:szo ~:;~mtr, 'John· Mm and womr:n of Effi:c IJO:Ublcd for the Oofpel, vo\.2. p.268. Sol;man the'TurkmurthershJSown(on""1uftapba, vol.1.p.85]. The troub\~ and ~uming o~ the Martyr Richard BaJfit/J. .138 Q ~£~i~f~if.t~i!~~~~~;5~~~~~:~::~:~;::::::~c:"~ ~ bU:J• a httle afrer Ius being Amba!Tador to the Pope, to d1fpute of King Hmry the eighth Ius ~ xi,~~~~;~:~;.~~~~~:::f~t~~.'It;~,~·wful, r.. ,.ta.p.J~:,bum<d tog<thtt. _ _ __{ Tho. fl11rJmg ofCh~~aminBuckmghamjlitreS5 m:utyred,\'a.p.l93•. The