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A Protdl:ation to th~ whole Church of England. - ----- And tbiH the Church of R.ome, albeit if btgan then to derline apace ftwn God, )tl during aD thh S)lviMJ 'l'lhile it remained hitherto in Jome reafonab/e order, tiU at length, after that, the foid Bifbops hegsn to ~;~;Z~t jhoo111p in the world through the libef;alitJ ofg~od PrbueJ, and ejpecia!IJ ofMathilda a noble DutchtJs 1n2de dt~ of Italy, who at /m death made the Pope Hur of aU he ,· Lands, and tlldued his Sec wi~IJ great Re· E~~~r:r ~;;:"C;,;;;:,::~;,:~gr:r~:J 1;::i:;;~n~:~~~ic:~dt;/~:d6~/::g7~~!: :/!;:) a~:::h:r'~~~~lli AI~~ t ;!:~11~ !t;te;;s ;,;;£: ~~!;a;ho[::~~cL::~;e8o~e~j ,;;;~~;;;~e;;o;~::r:~s:Z~1(~~:r:E~~in~~~:;'~f;~~: ofS•illl Wilfredc, Agathon, James, Romain, Cedda, Dunfi:an, Ofwold, Athelwold, Althclwine Dtdze of ~:r:;-~111• Eaftangle5, Lan~ra~, Anfelmc, andfoch othrr. Jib, 6. Andyet in thw tuNC alfo, throHgh God; Providence, the Church latksd »ol f(J.I)Ieof beller k..,nowledge ~~~~i;: s:~;~tef;eft~~,:ti; ~;:~~:,"~C:~tt,':~ :fh;·r ~;n~~o'l:t~:,n~;d~~:~w:,;r':,wA~~t~: !~ ~n In FaH/or of m11ch SHpef'jlition, erefling M ma»J A1.onaflerie; at were S~tndap in tk 1ear; ;tt nolwilh· E..tlq.d. jlanding,this contin~tednotlong . Foreftfoons after the death ofEdgarcame King Ethelrede and ff<!!ten. Elfthred hif Milther, nnth Alferus Dul{e of Merceland, and other Puu a1td Noble; of the R ealm, who diJPlaced the Mon~ agai11, and reflored the m~rried Priejh to their old Pof!iffions ~nd ~it:il~ f!:;e;;;;r t;; 1c',~~~[:!o;;~:}f;e~he D:me;, whtch overthrew thoft Monl{ijb f.ounrktzont And tiJII$ hithertoflood the condifiou of the tr11e Ch~~rclr of ChrifJ, albeit not witho11t [onte repug· n•nce aml difjicuiiJ, ;et in fome mean fl11tc of the tmth and V!rity, t1U the time of Pope Hildebrand caUed Gregory the Seventh, n•hich wm 1Wlr about the )' One tlwufond .tnd eight), and of Pope ln- ~~~~~,:~/~;J~!ed~~;:l, a1n d~~e;'c~~oz::~ '~;t;t::;;:;;::J~ .::~~flo';;~inc Bje;;:t (;f;;jt~:[;;;b extinguifoed. In Jiead whereofrvdSfit "fpreaching of mens Decrcu, .Dreams and idle Traditiom. And whereiiS before Trutb was free to be diflmted amongfllearned men, now DberiJ was turned into Law, ~ ArgumClll into Authority. Whatfocver the Bijhop of Rome dmotuued, that flood for an Oracle of a!l mm to be Ytceived with011t Oppojitim or ContradirJion; whr1tjoever rtJtts contrary ip(o faao it wa1 Hercfle, to be prmifbedwitb Faggot and jl<~ming,-Jirc. Then began the fncere Faith of tbH Englifh Chttrcb, whicb held 0111 fo long, to qlfaiL Then was the dear SHn{hine of Gods Word overjhadowed ;~rrue ':'J~> r~~~ ;;;,f,a;~n:~;r:!ft::~~;~ :::J ;h:1c:~~ 1 :0;~~ ~~~~~=:~h i::~~ifec;;Jcr:z:t:7d:;;; ~~~c~rn p;:r;t:i: ~;:;;: =~:h:o~~:/'::::;~:o:;Jl:Pa~~j:U[~"';Je,::;P!!~;:,~ ne:;f:;~,t/>J.;;;r;;;:.~ lodcay. SeUtand Fraternities of i»ji'uile variety. f1!hich ever Jince have /zepl foch ajlirin theChHrch, t/ut. · nonefor them almoft dmfl roHI, neither C<Efar, King, nor Sttbjefl.. Wh.d l he.J Jejined, flood; r~~httl they approved, nun Catholic~{; wbat the,condenmed,wm Htr~{ie; whontJoever they lfcCHfed, none .tbMofl coHid Jave. And th11.1 have theft hitherto continHed or rtigned Yatber in the Church, the JPace noJZJ of 400 )tarr and odd. DHring whichJPace tl>e true Ch11rch of Chrifi, allho~tgb it dHrft not openlJ 11f· in the face of the world, opprefled bJ TyrannJ; }tt neither rllfiJ il fo invi{ible or Htll{n{)flll11 hut bJ the Providurcc of the Lord JOme Remnant alwap renuined[ro111 time ro tinte, which not onlJ fhewcd flcrct good ajjil1hm to Jincere Dollrine, but aljO flood ht open defence oJTiNth againfl the dif orderedChurcb of R.omc. • · • The: nae b, which Catalogue, firfl, to pretermit B.ertramus tmd Beren~arius, which were h.efore Pope Innocent ~:ri.,~. the Third, a le.trned m~tltitude of fiifficie? t Witncjfe; here mi~ht be pro~11ced, rdofe Na"'.e' nrither al'e c:th ln the obflurc nor DI)Orinc tmk,zmrm-, a1 Joachlm Abbot of Cabbna, Almencus a learned Bijhop, who WIH %~~~::_c_j11dged an H~retick., for hq/ding againfl Image; i11 the time of the foid [~nocemius .. B~jides the Mar· nUu. tyr1 of Alf:ltta, of whom we ret~d mt h1mdrrd to be b;tmed by the foul Innocenttus tn one daJ, tU writeth Hermanus Mucim. Add lill,§wifc to theft the Wa\denfes or Albingcnfes, which toagreal number ftgregatecl them[elves frotJI the Chtm:h of Rome. To thH n11mber be.Jonged Reymtmdus *. £:xtr•· Earl of T~oloufe, Marfilius Patavius, *. Gulielmus deS. Am~re, Sirnon To!nacecfis., Arnoldus :;z~;'J. ~:;~:~fo;~fo!~Z:;;~~,~~~(lfo·,,~!~; ~~e~;:.'~:~r~~~f~;~~~7i~~e;u;:;;;gp;:ts:r~~:?,z;; M~9!i{,:. ~==~:o:}a~~ ';";od~:,:~;c~·~:'J·nin~~-rmJ~~~~~~: aoNJ:~:r~tiJ:;;n~::J;;;;~dt~o:H~::'~h~[;:J filiuut. twohH~tdredniqetJOIIt. RobertGro£l:head Bifhopof Lincoln, n·birhrvtHcaUedMallew R.omano- • ,. ~ 1 ,. rum, Anno, Q,c tho1'.fond two htmdred and [iftJ· L ord Peter de Cugnerii~, Anno, One t~oufa~~d Avt11ti1, three hundred twtnt} nine. To theft we 11111) add moreover, Gulielmus Ockam, Bongratius Bergo- !:;~~~r: ~~~~~n~~ii~~~~CJ~en~:o~~;;~t:e~fh;n~!~~~~~~~~r~;~e~;;;(;~t!n ',h:~x7::~:~~;tl~~J;e~ ~: ~f!.ado- Caftro,,.Euda, D1t/ze of Burguf!.dy, who co11n[eUed the French King not to rtreive the E~~~:W~ 11e'W'"[ound Conjhfltttom, aud Extravagant; of the Pope into hH Realm, Dames Alligerius,an Italian. ;~u1buf· n;howrote agaiJJflthe Pop~, Monk.!, and Frier;, and agait theDonation of Conlhmioe, Anno, ~~~Ir;. Jr:~:;;;g :;:;';flr:b:'it~:rt~.nnZa;~;:~~~nah~;~~Jn,S;,;a;i;~: ~h;A~~h~~:j~f:~o~ZP~f;::/ ;; !:!:!;~· ~;;~:ia~~~~u~~~i'c~;:fa~~ea~;th1 j;;:l~:;'de7t~~~~:';:!~:e~;:;t~!7J;,~~~:;!,~dnc~~d:2:;~ !~:;:::.:. tt:,:r IJ!:;l, J~~~~~es feJ~~~~~~sne~~~~~~d"a:il~~he;!:;fo r~~~:J' H!;ba~~~t b';:;hd a~::~:he/r~:~ ::;.~~:~ :: 111arljred abo1rt ~ht Jtar, 1 ~46. Franc:ifcus Petrarcba, wh() C4Ufd R.ome the Whore ofBabylo£0~~: