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A~m RPm11n &mlln Chrifli Emptt. Bilhops. 6J OomitiUs 67 Ncro. . 69 8t 9' 96 Alc:nodci, A Chrorzology. ~~fa:~· ~~b~ J~~;;;:,:fol;:!~·t~~!d~~~~;~~~e:~:~~tn~st~~~hu~~~,0~n~ ~~~·· ~ Ctmtu- aftttward fioned, and fo martyred to death. hllrJ• With Jamts mauy 100rc were ftoncd, as may be colleCted out of 'Jo{tpb. 37· M!~~·t~£~;;1gelifi manyro:l. at Altx•ndri~ as R.tu{ntr affirr:n~th. The defcription in gencnl of the Ta1 Pcrf«Utions m the Primitive: Chur_ch 1 under the Roman Emperors: Wherei.n, firfi, the wonderful many kin'd~ oftormcntsoftheChrifiiansaredefcrtlxdbyRtlbamts: Sccondly,theadmir:~ble patience of the tormento:l. declared by S.Auguft,Thirdl_y,thc inhnite number of thofc patient tormented ones, fet forth by S. Hurome and HtlioJqruJ, Under this Emptror was th~ firll of ~he ten Perf«Utions, by which (as EuJtbiusrtporcs) whofc Ciues were tilled with the dead boditS of all ages, r~x~,and fans. This Nm was fo wicktd,that Sr.Hitrcme upon Danid faith)le ~as thought to be Ancichrill. For fo prcxligious a monlla wash~ more l1k~ a ~ll, orrathaaDevilthan a man, that hcCI.u(ed hisMotha, his Brother-mLaw, his Siller, his Wife grw with child, and his Inllrudors, Stnw~ and I.Mttm, with divers more of his own kin to be put to death. Be fired , Rflmt in twdve pbces:, and fung the while th~ vaftS of Homu. His end, afterhehadrcignedfounccn years,washytheScm.teproclaimed 34 . an mcmy to all mankind,condemning him to be drawn through th~ City, and to be whipped to death, for fear whmof he fla:l and flew hh~fclf. Under him fuffercd Ptttr and Paul for Chrill,about the later end ofhts reign. A qudlion moved wh~thtt Sr. Peru were ever at Rome. Another qudlion concmling P~ul, whether he wrote the Epillle to th~ Htbrtws,andthattoLaoJtwt. Paul dcclartS th~ fum of that Dodtin~ which h~ prtached. 39· Vt1~~ ;:£!~i~1~i:ti~r:h~~ ~~~jr;,~;;cp~~i~~~io~=d: t~~~ ~'h~ Chriihans. Howbeit h~ with Titus de{!royed the: Jtws for th~ir r~hcllmg, killil~g many above: 11000_, ((lling into flav~ry 17ooo, and l~ading zooo H• in tnumph, to be tom with wild bca{!~, and crue~ly to be flam. DomitiatJ, Brother of1illu, htginning hiS reign mildly, turned a blafph~­ mous Idolater againll God (comma.ndi~1g m~n to worfhip him) and a cruel tyrant againfi Chrillians; fer by hun was moved the 2J Perfccution. Simeon, Bi!lmp of Hierufaiem was Crucified. 'Join: the Evangelifi is baniJh~d int~ Patmo1. But after ~h~ death of pomitw,, he was relnfed under Ptrtmax the Emperor, lwing to the urn~ of ~~~=J ag~h;d:i~~~~i~~~~~a~~~~~~i~~~ ~~~(!:;\!~ there. St. 'Jolm could not (as the Papifis fay} he: tht Virgin MttriesConfdfor,fccingaccordingtothern, Ow:waswtthoutf!h. D~mitianus fearing the co~ng of Chrifi, commanded aJI that ooul? be :~~~o~ ~~kfa~~e~~tt~?::h'e~~n:. ~~%~~v~i~~tfn~ quifitionwasthis,Swtartbttruth1 whtthtrthouattinJuJaCbrijlia,;. If they conferred th~y were, rh~ Law cond~mned dw:m for that a ion~. T1ili Bifhop of Rome was a martyr, and flourifhtd as &u[ntrcmmts, Anw Cbrifti 102 , . Th~~~~~~f:; :::,r&~rz·fafflyih:~~:l~l%~.t;a&;:rc:t~ :~: . Sa~~:!n:;;;~·b}~~~~~~:5~o, in the later rnd of Trajans rtign. NtMJII with hts quietndS put a period of ptac~ for one rrar betwt~n th~ fe~ Pti';l!:i~! ~~~,~~!~r~;~~tpi~(t%~~~td the third Pcrfecution. Tra;anfe~ksoutandputsro.deaththefiockofJ?avi~. ec;~;: ;~~tS:!~f tl:'ti,¥: :;~~~i;~~d~~bri{!~~; :h!::~~~ was cru~died ; but the accufcrs ~fcaped not lxmg condemned for bdng (astheEmpcrorfitppofed)ofthcfiock ofD11viJ. ~;:~~~&~~;:,a~~~y~~ri:;;~;~~;~;~~=zc~d·~~~: fh!i:::Shi!1r:lcr~ ~t~:~J!~(hop of R~me, with his two DCacons. 45 ' Zmon,aNoblttnanof &mt, J026omore flain forChrill. Achaicus, Heli•Ju, 7'heo.Jorus Carcuius, prime Martyrs. Euflac?ius, withhisWifean<fChild~, Martyrs.. CalottruH («in~ the patiolCt of Fauflmus and Jobita fuff~rin~' rh~ aud ~Ormcnrs, 01td out with rmfe words, V trt m•gnus Deus Cbn!lianorum, u. Grtat is the God of t1K: Chrifiians, wmrtUpon he was prde:mly apprehended, brought to th~ place of thdr exccution, arrl was made putak~rofthcirMartyrdom. Eltutlmius with his Mothu Anrbitt, Martyrs: Juft~~ & Paflor,Br~thrtn~Mattl 1 Symph:~rijfd with her 7 Childrcn,Manyrs. Soph1a ~ith h~r thrte Childr~n, Mar~yrs. ApologltS made t0 th~fl!!adratus B1fhop of Ath(nr: Emperor in. behalf. .Ari.fliilu a P~ilofofhtt. oftheChri!lJansby StrttiHsGranmraNoblcmlnJ [b] Th~