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. - 1~ tmw;:. I sf~:; I ~~fan~f ~~:~r lmrJ. .. AChmzology. - p:;,rtuned.bytheCongrtgariontomakc fomccxhortationrothcpeoplc:, 'Vot.r· after long dcni1\, he llood up and read (he Vcr(c: of the fifth Pfalm, artd Pag. fofardown:tndwept. Whatbccamcofhim arb.n, is not known, but only_ that,asSujJu, f~ith, _ he dyed a~td was buried at 1j·rus, and ended fJisl•fe,asEufobiusfatth,tngreatmtferyandpovcrty. This O~igens Ufhcr i11 tht School at Alexandria, was one HeraHar ; who forhiSexcellc:~ttpms wasMaficr ~f that School, and afttrward Bi!hop of Alexam/r~a,ncxtafcc:rDemar:ur,- Afrc:r Hmftlalfu~cecdcd Dionxfius Alexan;Jrinus_, Bi!hopof_ AhxanJria,as he fitccccdcdhtm beiOrc in the Schooi.Thi~ Dsonyjius wntes of Herac/(q thus_, Hunc ego, &c. thlt is, This Camm I r~ttivd from bleffed Hcr:tclas our Pope. '(et obfcrveJ that this Htra_clas \V~ no Bdbop of &mt . Nl;;~t~a~~~~~1~~~ ~~t[e;;:~:~:tl~~t ::eta~~~~v~~~~~fc,thc find$, .A{cltpiadts Bilhop of _Antiocb, a perfecutcd Confeffor under Stvmn, d~·es aMartyrmtdcrDeciUJ, BabJI111 Bilhop of A"tioch, for not fuffning theEmPeror, having commit· ted a Murda, ro enter into rhe Chrifiians Tmtple, wa:o martyred. Bdng burred in the Temple of ApoUo; he caufeth the Oracle that was thne ro cc.1fe. WhereuponhisBodywasrakenupagaitl. BabJias ~i~op of Nicomtdia, M~~·r. ForcyV1rgnlsincheCityof Anttocb. MartyrsinPbrygia. ~nldfors at Ba"Jirm c:irrytd_ to Sp11in to be Martyud. g:~~ ~:;~~~: il~ ~::;:t:octa, Many Manyred :lt Alo:andria. ASooth-faycrwasagreatfllmr upofthisP(tfecution(beingagrtatfricnd to Idolatry) by whofe means the multitude was fo inDged againfi them thatwouldnotfJcrificet<::lthdrldols, rharrheyfioneMetraaGhrifli~n ~~~~:t~"{,:!;~: ~~~b~i~ra!!i ~~r~:~ ~~cl~!~t~~~;e~~~~~~~; of prke,andburncd therefiintheMarkrr-placc. Apolimia a Martyr, had hertttthda11n our. Andbdng; thre:~tncd with a fire mJde before her tO burn hcr, Wll~(s fhe would commit Idolatry, fhe Di~~:;~~rili~~~~~t~e~~:!~;rs, turned Pcrfrcutiou for a time from the Chrillilnsuponthemfelves. Revolters hting pafwadcd to SJcrifice to the idols, come trrmbling, as if theythtmfclves!houldbC Sacrificed. A Sou\diC'I"taking part With the Chrifiians againll thrm that rail at them, is AmM~:~~1a:;~~~~~~·ted for. "fc:lling the }udf!!e ~e wou!d not yield f<;Jhis, 6 8 l;1;:t=~a~~ ~f~jJJ;:~s~~:=~·~!·:~~~~;=~~~~~ Knights and Warriersllandingby the Tribu11al,whmthe Martyrs wm condrmned, made figns to the fearful, imboldning them to Confcffion and Martyrdom. T hey being efpied, and about to be qurllioned, preffcd in totheBrnch,profelfe<lChrill,andwereMartyrcd. Ch;J::J~n~fr~~~~'r,;d A~:~:rhia~V!r~~ this Perfecution in the Dionlfius chJri?ed by Grrm~nu1 Bifhop, for !lying in Perf~cution, c!Wcth htmfelf1 callmgGodrowJcnefs,thatherrgardcdnothishfr,buttheSouldiers that . kepthim, !raving him through :1. fear, by the lhredring of fome notfarolf,hewasleftalone,andefcaped. ChriflophorUJ, of twelve cubits high, as \>Yritcrs report., was niart}Ted in this 69 Pcdccution ; whether h~ be that Ckriftopber of whonl the fpetch goe.:;, hccarryed.Chri!l,&c.ltisuncerr.un. AbundJucc in this Prr&cution wandrcd i11 Moumains, and were ftarved, or A t~:;;;;~f.-~;;t,~· •11 th"'" to dcaw h;m to ldoJ.tty, ;, by tho Pc<tot put"intoafoft.brdinapYeafant_DmlenofLilliesandRofes,andabcautifu! HJr!ot !(rit i1i to him with Imbracemrnts, inticing him to Adultery. But he _bit~ off hi~ ton~ue whiles lhe was kiffing him, and fpit it in her facr,and rcjrdcd hhwickcd.olfers. Thf~J~ra Virgi1~, for rrfitlis~g to facrificc to I~o1s, was adju9ged to t~ tlews. ACim!liJnSouldtergoingthithrr,as ,f(asthepeoplrhoped)he Would have been one of 1hem that wooId have abufed. her, changed his I •pbit tor hers, h~ fending h. er tO efcape, and fi. aying thue himfrlf to dye inht-rllead; whobcingcondcmned, TheoJ()'fatorelcafchim, declare'S hcrftlftobc:therightpartY.ThtPretorcuttmgoff thei rhands, bums bothhimandher. . , I Njc~omachus in his tormrnts renouilcing his C~[ifiianity, and offerin_g Sa- 7f cnfice to the ldPI~, was, when he was rrle:~(cd, ukc:n eftfoons w1th a wic~rd Spirit, thrown on the groUnd, thlt hr b_it off his !01~gue, and fo d1ed, Mu~y more r:O.L11plcs there were h1 this Perfrcuuon of Gods )udgni~ntso1t revolters. UJX>!!thtfere\'Oltmro(efirftiheHerefieofNtXJatus,viz..thatrevolrersfor 71 j fear of Torments, migh"t not be rccoriciled nor Jdmicred t-o the Church, 1 r.h.ough they repemed.This NovarNs makes three Bifh_ops drunk,that they I j ~~~~ ~[~~~:· ~i;~ Bi(hop of Rolnt againCt Corn~h11s the then lt;~!