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Ar~na Rrm11m Cbrijli Empcr. G~\lus Roman Kingsof '\rchbi· Bifhops. England Chopsof Canter• bury. ~net Volufianushh (on reign together. ' Valerbn~1 and hi1fon G•!kous. A Chrouology. Upon th~ tWO Bi!hopsOf &mt fet uptogether,doth CJprian(o much write Volr. of Umty and one Bifhop, and not otherwife is he to lx- Wldtrllood as Page. anywaytofpeakforaPope. ~hSJ~:"~'~;l:a~i~h~~~~~~1d~~ ~~n~;~~~ofo~ fl~:~~;i1incfs, of Hieromeforh1Seloquence, andof01hers for h1s Martyrdom. Hatcccon· ceiveallthetrivia\Ocmtalstobefained. T!~~':~1lltJ~~~n:~;:; ~~%:s:a~v~~~ ~;g~~~~;a~bc:Jia~~rt time, 'tliz.. beAft~r DtciriS bis death Godfent ~Pefiilenceon the Empire of ten_ yea~ con· 72, :~~V:~i~~~~,:~~~cu~;~;a;;~;:.fic~u~~~~ ~~:~~il~1f;~;~ ~~:~~~o~~~~~~a~t~~ ab!c,neglcdedtheirBrethren,beingfick,.3ndcafioutthdrdcad Bodies to 7 3. the dogs. Upon this Pefiilence, Cyprlan wrote his Book, Dt Mort~litate. GaUut and Voluji11nus fucceed by Trc:Jfon next to Dwus, and reign but a fhorttimeforthtirpt:rfecuting. GaUutfettingforth Decrees for Pcrfecu- ~i~~'rs~~i~~~~::~~:!~ps and Pallors from their F!cxks, condemning To~;~h1!;~~~~e~~1~s ~(~~frc;~h~. i1f;rby :~eis ~~~~~~~,,~a~J?u~ plybyhismanyexcellentLctt~, whtchare)'etinagrcatpartextant. This Luciui was alfo banifhcd under thefe two Co-Emptrors. ·n1is Lucius 73· isfaidtoOrdain, ThattwoPriefls, withthrctDtacons, fhouldaiwars be with a Bilbop to wimefs his<onverfadon; which Order may be very good and ufeful. But it fcems not to agr«: to Lmim his time, whttdn there was not fuch Greatnefs of Bifhops to retain and maintain (ochRelinue; ntlrfuch frccdomfromPttfe<:ution,as that theydurtl befctn openly abroad. Other Ordinances put upon himarefuffd}ed of T~~~~~i~~p is faid by many Authors to dye: a Martyr, Many Demcs fa· thereduponhim: buttheyarefcigncd. TI~~~~~i~~i~~f~1l~~~~f1~?~ff~?t1l; the lnchanters, bein;S _hmdered by t.h..: Clmlltans P~yers from hJS feats ~~1t~!:t:;s:~!~~g~l~i~t~0it1~~:.~~tll~et~~~r";rt/:u7i~f.ror, the faid Cypria~ adds in his fou~th Book, and fo_urth Epifile, cert~n caufcs-OJt the ChnrlbnspartofthlSPerfecution; 'tll:t.. Thetinsanddiffentionsofthe Chriflians. Fillllly, That wicked Amtfers caufed. this Pafecution, b~ accufmg thcChri- 75· ~~~i~:. bcing the caufes of the evtls of Famine, Pdhlencc, &c. on the Againtl all thefeCJprian writes an doquent Apology, mtitulcd, C(infra Dr 111 ':h~~~;:;;;;·~~i"{p::f;:;~o~la~Ot~;;:;:%;~:;d, 5,~aJ~~~=~e was ali11s Stawu, whofcCountry w'JSCarthage in Afr~ca. Who was made firfi a vasverycarefuloftheaffiiCted hadmanygodlyVi- 76. roofferto!dols,this Martyrdom.Forthe 77· exce!!entSentmcesJX!l!ledbyhim,hisBookstdltheWorldofthemfuf· ~~;;~t~~u~ei5h:~ ~~~k~~:n~es/c1~ ~~~rv~~tltlh~:.)r~~;~,:r~~JrPo~~~~~ 78• ~~~~~~~ ~~~;~,:~n::~~~i~~~· o~0[{~al;bb~~h'~~d f:(: ~~~~~~h~l~;~~ Irmteus held that man was not Tlllde perfeCt in th..: bcguming, and feems to defend Free-will. TertuUian is noted for a Chiliaft, and a Montanian. 'Jujfin _feetns to incline to Chiliafm, to rh..: ophtion of An~ds falling by con~pifcence of Women, and to the DoCtrine ~f Frc-e·wJl!. And this Cypr1an held contrary to the Church, Rc-bapti4mg of I~tfunts Baptized ~~;sH~i~~k~fR:;~eupon fell great contention bctwttn htm and Supha. BefidesthisCyprian,therewasaf«ond!\~hoofauldolat~, and::t .praCtifer of ~Jgick, was conve-rted to a Chr~~llLl, made a Pnefl and Bilhop of Antloch, of which he was a native Cmzat, ::tnd after was Martyred un· ~;~1~i:t~f-t~~~~;r~:rj5{!;i~~)~~l! after both thtfc, there was This Bifhop of Rome is in this Pcrfecution Martyred with fix Chrillians, for "f~i~f~\~:~~~zil~:~If~z?~~~:~~~~,~g:i~~ 79· Chwches riches. Wher~upon the covetous Emperor demanding where he had befiowed the fame, after th.rctd::tys rcfpite gouen of the Emperor foranfwer,hebringsthcpoor,f::tyutg,!!lefe~rcthe precious Treachery of the Church. The Emperor conceJI'tng hunfclf mocked in this Anfwn-,