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Amw Empcr. R_oman Cbrljf' o(R.Dmt. Bilbops. OionyfiC!audins us. 2j2. ~~tiliAurdiaKings of Archbi· Eng/QIU/ !hops of CAnttr· J,t~,,. A Chronology. ~;h·~~~~d~~a;;d:~ ~~m~i~b~~:g~.~~:~· l~!u~~~~~~~l~til~ ~~~~- uon Orau: or Grl~·tron rrd hot? rofh~g,. brmlmg, tolling and.rummg him. In the fuffcrmg of aU wh1ch, thiS IS all that Laumnct (W! 1 ThM fide is now roftM maugh, rurn~tp, OTyrtmrgreat. Antlfoewbetherrojltdorraw thuu think'jfthebmermtat. :;~t~gi:~:::,;:::~~=:=:.~:::::::::,~.::::~:~:. Pqfccutlon eo Cephro, for not worlhipping the Heathen God~a~1d piO\'mg So that rhc:re was one only true God whom rhry ought w wodb;p. In this Pcrfteucion were Martyrtd, Men, old arid young,Women, W1vesand Euftb~;~h~~~::~~~~:f,A~;:~~~is lllJny prrfecutionsJi\•d,minifhing tothclivingfecccrcdConfdfors,andburyingtheda d Martrrs, :mdaf~<.·r , was mJde Bilhop of Uodiua, and after died. in ~a, about the yar 268, In Ct/ima Paltjlme fulfc:rtd Martyrdom, Prifats, Malchus, and Alexan· dtr, who bc:cutlc Manyrs by ftting the Chiifiian collr3gc of othm ~h.r· tyrtd. ~~~ th.c City of this lime were mn~yr~ 300. In S;mtlaof lr•IJ P~nttus was Mart}Tcd by bcmg.hrll hJngcd on thc:R~ck, thm call tO the wild Bcafis, the:o thefc not hurung him, was oft too uuo So thctirc,ofwhich, asVincwtiusflith, bcingnothuu, hcwaslaflofall bthadedandcafiintothctloud: His tormentors wc:rc: fo vc:xcdaftcr , withfpi rits,thatthcybitoffthcirtong~al~ddi~ Bergonmji1 is here to be .n~prowd , for wr~ung m hiS .8th Book i11 the fio.ry of this Empt"ror Yafmanu1, that Pht!tppus was Bllhop of Altxandna, .andbehddedundc:rthc:famc:Valtrian,whichiscle:~.ncontrarytOappro-­ vedAuthors,andthccourfeoftimc. At this time: was one Philippus made: Prc:fident of Alex<mdria,. who~ad a 0 Jughtcr namtd Eugthta, of rare beauty, who to avoid Marnagc WLth a Pagan an~ Heathen Perfi:cutor, f\«1 from he r F.uhcr, going in MlnS A}>" ~r~l, calhng her ftlf Eugmius, and for her part~ was made Hea~ of a Soc1ecy of Chr ifiians, where: a lufiful Matron bcmg nutl)Ol'lred wtth her b~uty, fuppofing her to be: a man, bbour~ eo dnw her io unde:u~nef; ~~;~ ~~~r!d~:f';ft/k!;e~o~e':;:~~~:~~~::t~at~~~~c~:.~~\~~~ab:~ for~ Phtilpfllo the Prdidntt, who accordmg to allegations, bemgabout to c.:>ndemn her lodcth, Eu_{tnia, fedng no .othe-r evidttKtS would ferv~, dtfcover«<.hn klfro Philippm, tobeanmnocc-nr, aWonun? andbts ?nduf~~~~:~~.~ho~:1}:; art 1 : :o~~::td~:~~:~:~~:~~r~~~~~ti;: whoafterd~tdalfoa Mmyr, and aftn his death Eugema returniugco Rcmewasalfomart}'red. In the 6th ycr o(V,krianus and GalitnuJ wnc: Jlj{/orand Viflorinus, hav- S.z Fr~guo7,:;1~i~~if:r~,~~:::J.,~~~sS~:~:t, h~ two Du~ns, Arguriu1, ~~sEo'f~f:k:~~d~:~~~~;th:~~~~~%~~:1 t~~dfir~:~~i~~~~f~h!~~~e~~~ lt tsrepottcdbyfotnethataSoldkrfawtheHcavens opencdovrr them ~d:~~ o:~~;;:c~h~1:cld~~;~r~~~t:~~~~ a Soldier and the JXrfecuting PreT~~~~~6~~~e~;!J'~:~~;:~:~~~;~:~~rr~~~: ~~~~~~~f:;·'~~~~~r~~~~fi~: 31 ld m~e his bloc~ to tak: Horfe to his dying .d~:~y;.~;~~;~ vi!~,~ th;a;th;e; bit Cjlllkrs,and3oRebtllionsruovc:dinhisEmpirc. Sz ted Perfccution, yet f01r;c w~rc fomc:what troubled. His F :~thu reigned fc:ven}'ca.rstogethc:r Withhun; and he reigned nine alone, fomewh:~r more qUietly. The OrdinanctS put on that DiO'flJfus arc feigned . Some fay he was Bi.!hop Jg~-~-~:~~!~~;:~~~~~~~,:~.~~~~-;~~i~~~~~.:rion. In h"mddt!m<_<h«< ""' Cou<KilofCh<ifi"'""A"'"'b,h<f«m<ngno< 83 tobc:a~m:rJtOrthcm. [n t~~dt:a~h~:lfis%R~s~~~my, he mlkts his entrance: inro bloud With. Ashcwas:~boutrofea l an Edict for Perferution, hcwasforcnifitd'with Thundcr:J.ndl!ghtning,thatitftoppc:dhisTyraJmy. About the fifthor Tl~~x~~~r0f~~t~;j~~~:~but {Jfi:Months. ThLSF/orumretgnedbutflXtyda}'S,