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A Chronoiogy. Annu R~man Roman Chrijli Emprr. BiChops. 280 Mar.Au. Ftlix Kings of Archbi- Intht firfi yearofthisProbuswasFe/ix_Bi!hop, who died a Martyr. Vol1. EnglAnJ !hops of This Emperor Probus was a quiet Pnncc, and an enemy to idle (oldie~ ; Page Canter· keeping his foldiers to diligent labour; whmupon his foldiers flew him, 2.81 Probu1. E~tricbi· 28+ ~~h/his amu. twofons Carinus and Nu· 28 5 Af"U· Caim furpsthe whowilS Empire. :r~~- DW&jitmhc choofcth Maxi296 fellow Emperor with him, theiOih Perfccudon. .Akllus. I t;:;"l· i t£fr ~~~,~~ andCcn· j1antiu1. Maxm· riurfct up by the foldkrs. apptar, and condemned by the Council of Sin!#- tjf, Martyr. Marull11sMartyr. :rt!:: tyr. Miltitldt~MarThi> ~:n!r:- tcndshis Empire: 0\'er£,. gland. bllrJ· haviugrdgnedaboutfixyears. ~:~S%w~:E~r%I!~~t~~5?~i~~~~1~t~~*iDi~~~~:~:~5~~1~~ 84 fJr1fum~~!:.'~h;~i~~~~~~pt;~i~~~e~;;ufc0:i~~i~11a~;rq.;;,hTI~~~Yw~skf~~ juflly £lain by Ap_er, who had ll ain godly Cynllf1s for refufing to admit him an Idolater mto the Chritlians Temple. Th~~~t:~~:&·af~:efn"7e~t,i~Y~~~~~~~; :~~t1fs~ts~~1~;;;{;; ~~r~;hk~ up f?ioclefian to. be Emperor, and the Tribune flays Carin~ts, whore Wife ;~~=~~:~):~ed, Thus the(, thrceCar.Num. and Carm. reigned not Thus the Church had much peace all this while, till the I ,9th year of Di~ ~'~h::c[~ing in peace with the Healhens,dilfentS within her (elf, and ~:fel~:~~G~e~~o~~~~~~ ~m~o~h~;e~~r!o ~~~;;~1~u~~~ ~~~:~ time. This Dir;ckf~An being nominated (as we (aid) to be Emperor, and being to!dbyDruMhisConcubine, hemufi(Jay a Bore htfore heoouldbe E11_1peror, he runs ~ithhis(wordupon.Aper_,forthat,ashefaid,hc:had tlllJuftly llain N~nnman, and fo flays him, and comes fully to the Crown. As Diockfian for the troubloufi1cfs of the Empire had joyned to him Maximian; fothefttwochofetothem :E!:ius ~ Ct[ars under !hem. A7~t~~~.n:;:;;~~~~J~~~~.~~ ~~;:t;:,":x~:n~!~t~~~~~;:~~!~:~~~ ~~d 8 5 fllarpncC<;.HJShrfiad::inthisTragcdy(after the;~.~efaid peliCtablepre· face)wastopull_downtheChri_flianChurchcstothei;rOu_nd, Scriptures,anddifp\aceallMagJfirateslhatwould notabJureC1mfiJam· 'Y· The fecond Ad: was to atfay by all poffible torment~ to make Bi.Chops and Elders!olacrifice toldols. In the third ad: ~comes to the common C~rifiians ; but firfi _lxgins in his Cai?P• wher~ many of his foldiers valmntly :llld voluntarily died to 86 lx fokhers ofChrifl:, under the colours ofMartyrdom. An infinite num· bcrof others were martyred. Nay, the very places and torments where and wherewith dxy were martyred, arife to a mighty multitude, At Nicomtdia, a CJuifiian, a Nobleman bom,ftcing the: Edict of the EmperorfctupforPcrfccution, ta~kes it down,and tnrsit, the 1woEmperor being in the City, for which he wasmiferably rormmted. Dioc/tjiantyrannizethinthcEafi,aitdMaximii'IUsinthe:W,tfi, Serma, the Wife of Diocltfum the Em~r, is martyred for,Ghrifiianity. 20000 Martrrs burned together in one CHurch. ~~~~~~~~hr{c*~~~f~u:~:~~r~~~~~lcF;;;:);~, in Sp11in, Britany, fo ~~~fi~~~~tfe Countrtcs fomt ~crs were colour~. witli. the bloud of 87 EuJ:r,~a~J ~}~=~~o~:w~r:d~~~?:!~ffi~~~y~~~~~~:~I~~~~~; patlenceofChrifiians,finging Pfalmsmtormcuttothe !afi gafp. MaruUinusrevohs,anQJ{hc:repents,anddycsaMartyr. 88 An hundred Martyrs flain at once in one day, of mm, women and chil· dren. ili~§~¥1E1~~')A~~~h~·ro!Jim mucy«a ~:~t~~~~;~t~~2:.:~~:r::i~~; ~:~ ~~~;;·);';;;~; 88 Thcfc: two, Maxsmmtu and Conjlant1us before: Cef11r1, now become impt" M=m~n~~=~~~~~t~X/~~~~~~~f~~~i~~:~; ~:f;,s under him. C«nftntiuJ chookth Ctmftntimu his Son Ctfar under him. Againfi !his MaY,IntiuJ thLIS'fct up by !he foldin~ M11ximinus Cent his Son ~::.uJ, which SMmus ~ing flain; hcchofc Licinus Ctfarinhis Th!~~:~!.u~~foth; ;~rt ~ c;~:~,i~~~ ~R~;~~7~i ~~f:c~~~~: after Dir;c/t[uzn and h1s Partnc.tJl.l~ given ove~. Savmg that_ f7onfl.:mti· us, and efp(Cially his Son Conjla'(r'smll were kmd to the Chnfi~ans.