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l5= SWEETE AND SVRE SIGNES OF ELECTION, TO THEM THAT ARE BROVGHT LOW. Clearingofiudgement,conceiuingofthe truth,and true meaningoftheScrip- .;)i turesmakingfor vs or againitvs. z A rebuking of finneinwardly, a pouertie of fpirit from thence, and a mourn ingtherefore,Matth. 5.3.4. g Ameeknes of (pint to cart our felues downe at Chriftsfeete,Matth.5.4. 4 An hungring aftertherighteoufnelTe winch is in Chrift,andaprifngand efeetning it abone all earthly things,Philip.3.8.9. 5 Amutingvpon,anda defireto thinke and fpeake of heauenly things. 6 A confliel of the fle(h and fpirit,and therein, by prafife thepowerof the fpiritget- ting thevpper hand, Rom.7.z3. 7 Alowing to thefpirit,by the vfe ofthemeanes,as oftheword,prayer,&c. 8 A purpofe vnfaincd,vpon ltrength receiued,of vowing onesfelfe wholy to theglory of God,andgoodof ourbrethren. 9 Arefgnationof our felues into Godshands. io Anexpcftingofthedailyincreafeofourlòuleshealth,andourbodiesrefurrefuion. r r The forgivingof ourenemies. iz An acknowledging of ouroffences,with apurpofetruely to kaue them. 13 AdelightinGods Saints. 04 AdetfrethatafterourdeaththeChurchofGodmayflourifhandlianeallpeace. r5 A fpirit without guile : that is,anvnfained purpofealwaiesto doe well, howfoeuer our infirmities put vsby it. Thereare fore notes ofour election: wherein ifany be fhort, yetlet han but fee into his hearr,ifhr defireand long alter tliefe graces and remembre, Neuem. iii. Kahn.' 03.18. Pfalm.t : FINIS. A TREATISE OF A CON- TRACT BEFORE MARIAGE. vditer Prayer heJiakeasfolloneth TktHatnoneofvsmightdoubtwhethertherebeinítoccafior .ofthismannerofour bebetr°r11m meeting or no we are to call towindeevenfromtheHeathen thattheli ht of be(rerisl[m¢- g o g riage knovvne ,1 I nature taught t em,tha therewasa fol mne pr mife to be made of the parties by the light of thatshould be marledbefore they wereto be ioyned in manage, and that wascalled their nature. efpoufagtt