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treat . OfcontraEt 153 cfpoufage: and therefore weewere themore tobeeblamed,ifwefhould negle&'fd'gooda cuftome,elpecially being commended bythe,chbfen people of God, as weemay gather of his words : for wee reade thatthe Lord Godmadea law concerningthe efpoufedperlons, thatif they werevnfahhfull of their bodies,they fhould becondemned asadulterers,euen as well as the inaried parties. Maryalfowas affianced limolofeph,beforethe folemnifing of their mariage.And thevfe of theChurch ftandethwith good realon:for that the negle& of it is an occafion that many aredifappoyntedoftheir purpofed mariages, becaufe tome Cifthem through inconftanciegoebacke .Itisverymeeteaho,that they fhould haueMine inftru&ions glum them concerningthe gracesandduties that arerequired in that eftate, that theymayprayvnto theLord, and fo be prepared and made fit tobeepublikely prc- fented to the congregation afterwards. Now furtheras concerningthenature of this contra& andefpoufage, although it be a degreevnder mariáge, yet it is more than a determined purpole, yea morethan a liimple promife. Foreuen asbee which deliuereth vpthe eftateof his lands inwricing(all condi- A contrailis tionsagreed vpon) is more-bound to theperformanceof hisbargaine,than bee that bath mo,rtheu a purpofed,yeaor madepromife thereofby word ofmouth, although the writings bee not flop promife yet fealed : men fo there is a greater neceffitie of handing to this contra& of manage, ofmanage, thanthere is of anyotherpurpofe or promifemadeptivately by the parties. Tliefe things obferued,I purpole(as God (hall pieme grace) to gme forcekffons,how you muff pre- pareyourfettles to hue in theefface ofmanage. I will for thehelpeofyourmemorie deale in this fort and order : lieft briefly going through the Articles ofyour faith, and then through the Commandements ,notingfome efpeciall duties fitfor this purpole. As concerning yourbeleefe inGod the father, you know (brethren)you muff beleeue Nomthem,. in him,as being creator ofall things,andallo the gouernour and preferuerof the fame: tiesbetrothed you mullalto vnderttandthat he created man accordingto his owne tmage,and gauehim muffbeease ht thepreheminence andgouernmentof thewoman, for the helpe ofthe man,that hemight to knowtheir befurthered in the femmeof his God. Soyou mt(ftmuch more looke thatyou be not lun_ duties: dred fromthe Lord by your wife: forthere aremany tvhileftthey degeemariage, fo long as their hope is deferred theyare careful; in the difchargeof theirdutie: butaftersyardd once enjoying chofe things they looked for, they, waxe more negligent than they were before, greatlydithonouring God bytheir vnthankfulnes. And it essay be the onely fault ofenan,ifhe benot helped byhis wife togrow ingodlines : for I thmke that cuco Euah in Note, mooingher husbandAdam to cote oftheforbiddenfruite,had beenanhelperveto him,to bring himacquainted with elsemalicious enmitie ofSáthan againftthem both, ifactor- dingto thegreat meafureofgraces hehad rectitsedfrom the Lord,hehad bin snorefaith- full in obeying thewill ofGod, and hadwifely rebuked Isis wife. And againe, although thewoman wasthe occafion offinne : yettheforce offinne to the corruption ofmankind cameinto the world by the finne ofthe man. For fo the Apoltle faith, Rom. q.As by one man (meaning Adam) finne ensredintothe world,anddeathbyfinne : and death went osierall men,for as muchas allmen haue finned. So much more thegrace ofGad, and the gift ofgrace, which isby one man 'criesChrifl,hath aboundedvetomany. And in the 3 .ofGenefis wereade, that the eyesof the womanwerenot openedvntill the mass had eaten ofthe fruite : but foToone as behad eaten,the eyesofthem bothwereopened,and theyknew that they had finned. Therefore I gather thus much, that rebuke fhould haue preuailed more to con- uert hee,thanher mtruingof him to tranfgreffe,fhould Issue been able to peruerthitn. I 1peake not to excufe the woman,for I know the Lord was difpleafed with her, and for that tauleisatis laida fpeciall punifhment vpon her,in the painfull bringing foorchof children. . But that Imight thew the great charge that lieth vpon the man,to ftay thecorruption§ tithewotnan,by reafon oldie authoritie whichthe Lord bathgiuen himouer her:which I wouldhaue you (brother)diligently to confider of. Andyou my per Inuit cake profit, by callingto mende,thatthis was one end ofyour creation,that you fhould glorifieGod in being anhelper to yourhusband : therefore take heede thatyou be not a hinderer vts- to him,to trouble him or to vexehis heare,wherebyhe fhouldbe leffe fruitful! in hit cal-. ling: