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154. ef'treatifeofcontras, ling:but beyoucheerful! towards him,fothat although hefhould hauelittlecomfort in al other things,yet hemay hadgreat caufe toreioyce in you. And this yon muffknow, that as it is required of your husband tofeekeforwifedome to bee able to gouerneyou : to the Lord required) of you to be fubie& unto him,remembringalío that asGod hat')inioyned you filence in the congregation,fo you muff fecke for mflru&ionat hismouth in your pnuatechamber. Another thing I would both to confider of in this poynt of your beleefe, is Me rented- faith inGods prouidence.Andmarke that well Ifhallfayvnto you:foritisafpecialthing, Me tented-- and I know it fhall doeyougood,ifGodblelle it vntoyou : for ifyoubee ailùred in your member that hearts that it was the Lord solso in his gracious prouidence brought you thus together, God byhis you fhall be comfortedagainft all troubles and hindrances that fhall byanymeanes bee goodprows- railed vp againll you. Forthis is the nature of Sathan to bring menand women to this dencebroagbr doubt :andwhen they once yeeldvnto sc,what trouble and what ftrifedoth Ise worltebe- t cmtogcthar. twixt them ? For whereupon arifeth that impatiencie of Mirkthat we fee tobeinusany,in murmuriisg,inchiding, in curled fpeeches, and muds like vnquietnes ? dot') it not corve ofthis;becaufe theypasse not a reuerend perfwafion that the Lord in his prouidence as by his ownehand ioyned them in that neerebond and coniun&ion together?Therefore my good brother and lifter, as you would continueand increafe inmuch loue and peace one towards auotlser,marke(I fày)this poynt diligently : for it fhall be a verycomfortableflay vetoyou both,wisatfoeuerfhouldfall out afterward, contrary to that you looked for : as ifthereMould bee any difagreement in your fencra_ll dilpotëtions and natures : or if you fhouldfall into fscknetlès,into any difeales,or fisch like trials, you remembring that this was the Lords doissg,you may be more allured that yetfor all this, it fhall be well in the end,ifyoube cóltant in prayer,calling vpon Godthe fatherthrough faith in lefusChrift. Now that you may prone unto yourowne hearts that the Lord bath knityou thus toge- ther,younsuft confiderthat it mutt needs be theLord whobath moued thehearts ofyour Chriltian parents togiue their lawful! contents voto you in the fame, andGod in mercie fhall giue you greater aliurance of it, if youmarke his dealings with you from time to time. Faitbhs7efa: Nowas touchingyourfaith inlefusChrilt, vnderftand thatmariageisholie vnto them Chnft onely, whole hearts are fanaified byfair') in his name. And although Godwin approvehisowne ordinan ce,yet it mutt ncedesproue lsurtfull in the endVow them, who call not for Isis blefling vpon thefame : and without repentance will turne totheir further -condemnation. Therefore you are both to examineyour felues diligentlyherein: andyou brother. A.mull learve hereby fo to loue your wife, as Chrift Idfus lowed his fpoufe Isis rheroitdame Church: that is tofay, euen as ourSauiour Chrift is verypatient towards it, and by little end lameafa and little purgeth,watheth,and cleanfeth away the corruption ofit: So mutt you us like goodchsiJtiare manner inall wifedomevie the meanes, and with is patient miede wastefor theansend- vs she goorrn- ment of anything thatyou fhall findeto be amilde inyour wife, &thatthe gracesofGods ssnstof lasa fpirit maydaily increafe in her. Therefore I charge you in the fight ofGod and IsisAngels, wife. . asidas youwill aniverevnto me and the parentsofthis soy fitter, before thejudgement feate of Chrilt,that as you receiueher a virgin from her parents,loyou neglefl nodutie whereby her faluationmaybee furthered, that you may prefent her pure andblameles, as much as inyou lieth, unto Iefus Chrift when bee fhall call you to account. Anddoe not thinke that this isa hardercharge,thenis suerte : forfèeing that God bathprotnifed ablef- fsngvoto tholelmsbandat')at are faithfull to the couuertingoftheir vnbeleeùing wines, howmuch snore then fhall youpressailewith a Chriftran daughter, and one (Ihope) that bath receiued the faith aswell as your felfe ? And you myfilter, nsuft likewile takelseede, that you refute riot to obey yourhusbád,inall risings agreeable to Godsnsuft holy word. For you muttby his ordinancebe fubie& vnto him,cuesas the Church is fubie& veto Ie- fusChrift. And as the Church fhouldbe but aftrumpet ,andbevnworthieofChrift, and thofe ble(rngswhich hebringeth withhini;forher,if fhewouldnot receiveand acknow- ledgeliim asher head: fo could you not looke for any benefit from your husband,vn- leffe you fhould fubmityour title unto him, according to thecommaunlement of God. Neither